Compass Hub Thread (Raxxa, Sochaltin I, Cephonex Merika, Pheminorum, Maryx, Biitula, now CLOSING)

Compass Hub attempts to make it easy to travel to any spot on the planet that you can mark on your compass or see on your atlas. Builds, shops, player dots, regions, custom coordinates. Set your destination and use the direction and distance to find a portal to save you some walking distance. Our aim is to connect most major builds and a large area of the planet within 500m.

Find us:

  • Raxxa through the Guardian Network, Dagny Falls, and Sylva.
  • Sochaltin I through the Guardian Network, DK Hops EU, TNT Sochaltin (Alteria Sildwin), and Sin City.
  • Cephonex Merika through the Guardan Network, TNT Ceph Merika (Onesimus), Showroom US-E, Squach Sanctuary
  • Pheminorum through the Guardian Network, TNT Phemi (Mt Olympus), CSS New Life, MYTH
  • Maryx through Guardian Maryx, EZPZ, Deku, and Bastion
  • Biitula in Guardian Hub Biitula next to the Besevrona Resource Portal

We are not your typical portal hub. Some of our portals are unfuelled–instead, a sign tells you how to easily get there in 2 jumps through a portal we do connect to.


Compass Hub is named as such to make it clear that this hub is optimized for Compass use. Whether you are exploring the world, following the shop scanner, looking for builds, or a new player lost in the middle of nowhere, Compass hub will help you get where you want to go. We hope this name is self-explanatory. Set a destination on your compass and face the direction you want to go, and the hub will either have a portal or give you directions.

We strategically selected our first few portals to cover active shops on the planets and undeveloped wilderness. We will announce and release a hub when a large fraction of the civilized planet is within 500m walking distance.

Dear interplanetary hubs

Like PS, Ultima, TNT. Please join up with us if you think Compass Hub would be a good addition to your networks :slight_smile: I have reserved portals and signs to your current hub locations, so even if we don’t have a portal to you yet, people can still use you to find what they are looking for. Example: TNT Raxxa is 1800S so a traveller coming into our hub who wants to go 2000m S will think “ok I just need to get to TNT Raxxa, which everyone knows how to do.”

Dear planetary residents

Unlike most hubs, I do not publicly sell portal tokens, which is necessary to make sure our limited spots cover the world. Please contact me, mowlice, or Dustberg if I have missed your build during scouting or if you’d like a portal! Please feel free to build nearby wilderness portals we have provided :).

Tagging supporters

Tagging people who showed early support and enthusiasm for our build :slight_smile:


Sorry to anyone whose forum tag I don’t know :).

Want to make your own?

We chose 3x3 and 4x4 plots because we wanted the signs to be legible from the center. In version 3 we went with 5x5 plots and 36m walls (34x34 floor space)–corners are still legible.
We made sure the center of each hub was empty and flat to improve sign legibility.
We placed black behind the signs for legibility.
We split the world into a grid of 5x5 and selected locations near the centers of each cell in that grid. The width of a cell is 2304x2/5. The diagonal distance from the cell center to a corner is 2304xsqrt(2)/5 = 600m. We felt that this was a walkable or grapple-able distance.
We focus on directions and distances, with settlement names provided when we knew them.
We made sure to distinguish diagonal directions, splitting each direction into half cardinal and half diagonal.
We personally selected portal hosts and scouted them out in order to optimize for covering the map but also to ensure we had connections (sometimes indirectly) to the most important builds on the planet.
We put up signs before putting up portals so that even with 0 oort cost, those signs would provide some useful information.
In version Biitula we made the floor the top block of a plot, so that almost the entire floor could be used as a warp zone. It can be hard to find a clear area where nothing regens, but the ocean is nice for that.

I hope that these design motivations provide a starting point for future generations of Compass Hubs, whoever may be the one to make them.

Old Post

I am extremely proud to announce the opening of two experimental Compass Hubs that I have built in collaboration with mowlice and Dustberg.

You can find Compass Hub Raxxa through the Guardian Network, Dagny Falls, and Sylva.
You can find Compass Hub Sochaltin I through the Guardian Network, DK Hops EU, Alteria Sildwin, and Sin City.

HUGE thanks (merci beaucoup) to the following:
Generously hosting crucial portals:
Dagny Falls
Sin City
Alteria Sildwin
Far From Home

Generously providing access to their own hubs:
Kiwi Valley
DK Hops


This looks awefully familar… glad you liked the idea!


(Reserved for future use)

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Some redesign may be coming in conjunction with the rest of TNT.

There are however portals with tokens right there by the TNT raxxa megalith at Lantern Gardens. The tokens should be 0c but if any of the stands are still at 1c i can pull a token for you.

I’ve moved in this last week and I’m still making changes and getting settled into my new space IRL. Feel free to DM though if you have any specifics you want to discuss. It’s probably the way to get a sign change soonest since I’m on the forums a lot more than in game right now I might not notice a freshly opened portal for a couple days.

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Thanks for adding me, and great work! :smiley: I’ll get the name on the sign next time I’m on!

(In retrospect I’m wondering how I must have looked to you and DK when I kept attempting to grapple up through that glass floor last night… I was sleepy, lol… :flushed::rofl: )


I blame DK for using glass :stuck_out_tongue:

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A gal can’t break the glass ceiling in DK Mall! :laughing: (Hurt my head trying though)

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one :wink:


Looking great @Alwin shout if u need anything.

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I love this idea. So handy.


(Reserved for future use)


Get on board everyone. I don’t want to run 1,245km west to find a portal at the location going straight to an obscurely named TNT personal portal.


Agreed, very interested to hear shoppers experiences and thoughts on the different options. Im sure Alwin wont mind me saying all 3 are intended to make everyone elses lives easier, so we want to hear from you.

As above, we’re rolling these things out across every planet over the next week or two, so expect one near you very soon!


We are very proud to announce Compass Cephonex Merika, including major upgrades from lessons learned in versions 1 and 2. Ceph. Merika will be our first experimental attempt to also use the Compass Hub as a hunt system and a gleambow platform.

I’d like to thank in particular:
@Orrian for building and designing a beautiful compass floor for Ceph Merika.
@DKPuncherello for huge support for Compass visibility throughout DK Mall and DK Hops.
@StormyClouds for a genius suggestion, to place “via” signs over closed portals, to help find indirect connections
@Ryonez for very constructive criticisms that motivated us to clean up the floor and make Welcome/Guide signs easier to find and read
@FlyingAces for his support of Ceph. Merika and providing many crucial connections through TNT
@msnraul for his support of Compass Ceph. Merika and providing many crucial connections through Showroom

Edit: I am providing, for the first time, a behind-the-scenes look at what we see. This is our coverage map of Cephonex Merika, with portals in blue and indirect connections in grey. Circles have 500m radius.


HUGE thanks to the following for connecting to Compass. Please pay them a visit :slight_smile: beautiful builds, shops, and tourist attractions :wink:

Elephant Guild

TGF Kyoto (@SClayton)
Far From Home (SirTroll, MissTrulla)
Treasure Hunt (@Adrageron)
New Cydonia (@cornigeria)

Ceph Merika:
Wildstock Palace (Aryahunter, Wildstock Federation)
Squach Sanctuary (@Arkanjel)
Guardian Ceph. Merika (Plentymore)
Cloud City (Cuddlebug15)
Showroom USE (@msnraul)
lilbit (@sharisharishari ?)
TNT/Onesimus Hub (@FlyingAces)
Lucky 7 Shop (Girl)
Wilderness Lodge (@Bjbram)
Castle Brown (@Spoodle and @Bethlehem)


Good luck on future projects friend. Glad I could help in a small way. You know where to find me.


So sweet of u to be appreciative! Im glad I got to connect! (lilbit here)


Very awesome idea you have! Glad to be a part of it!

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We’ve opened Compass Hub Pheminorum.

Also planets with a Compass Hub are now marked with a Compass Icon from Guardian Hub.

I’m grateful for all those who continue to connect to Compass!

And thanks to our new connections:

Angel Falls/Laboratory (Traea)


Ceph Merika:
WINDS Alaska (Fireheart)
Fantasy Tree (Prime18)
Big Cactus (Rocksavvy)
OAJFF (Aenar)
Ash/wood farm (Sirdad)

New Life (Sirdad)
New Athens (Rockysavvy)
Nexus (Phyntar)
Mt Olympus (Zeus)
Mytheria (Quni)
Tuckborough (Angellus and Gnomeria)
Tiggs Tunnels (Solgato)
Lucky 7 (Girl)
Basiks Kushville (SilentKush66)
Legolas (coming soon)
IRON (coming soon)


You’re doing a great job. Keep it up! Everyone check these Compass Hubs out. They help a lot.

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Can’t thank you enough Orrian :smiley:

Last night I was wandering and I found a new player in the middle of nowhere. Turns out he was regularly using one of our portals which had moved (I showed him where it moved to). Always a pleasant surprise and knowing compass helps new players access the wider universe is certainly something that keeps me going. Going to be more careful about moving portals in the future.