[COMPLETE] Besevrona offline - devs aware and investigating


Can you all atleast try to improve the connection to besevrona. I have been there since late september. It is unplayable 50% of the time.

Guess I will be buying peoples machines and coils when I get home. Need a backup workshop.


I’m just curious what is going to be the route to the high level planets now lol.

Seems like besevrona is THE gateway to the t6 planets lol


Warping I suppose.


Yes Besevrona is the key to everything. Glad someone else sees that. I hope all the data on planet is safe.

It appears no data on the planet is accessible.


Hmm, can we get a new T4-5 that has similar blinksec distances to Beseverona so we don’t have this bottle neck to all the T5-6 planets?

Australia still needs a T4.


So besevrona had a t8 planet spawn and all the GC members have first Access, did i read that Right ? :slight_smile:


Faya!!! U live


Aye and hi :slight_smile: Cant let you get sloopy, so i have to slowly climb up the Prestige ladder…but beeing stuck on Shedu Tier with no way home is Abit…hindering^^


Just an FYI for everyone. The portal seekers network you can skip besevrona to get to higher level planets.


Hmm wonder if any other hub does as well


Good to know, I am at work and don’t remember/couldn’t check.


Well i have an iconic army with me now :slight_smile:


Remember Sparta? :sunglasses:


In biitula? Lol




@SamF Can you tell me that the player created objects on the planet are safe?


That’s what I was thinking… I could be remembering wrong, so someone correct me if so, but I THINK I remember that Kindred Bay’s T6 network doesn’t go through Besevrona? If I’m remembering that right, could be an option for any needing it now.


You have to test this first :grinning:


Yes that’s all fine, it should all still be there, it’s just a matter of making the world accessible again!


Thank you.