Complete. Contract: chisel approx 2000 blocks

Anyone like to make some coin chiselling some blocks?

I’ll supply some copper chisels and an unchisel.

They are slightly awkward as you have to chisel the underside slope from above, but not too bad.

Let me know how much you want paid!

@FayaAOP is this something you would be interested in?

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I am sorry to disapoint in this case. I am not into sloped chiselling, sorry m8.
Normals i could do but slopes are to much work hassle even for me.
I hope you will find someone willing and with the Expertise to do it.

No worries!

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Im on tonight at 11pm mst I can do it! Im trying to find ways to earn coin to buy 3,600 SEBA so jobs like these are on my radar. I am a chisel addict :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I should change the title!

When no-one took me up I just grit my teeth and got on with it myself :muscle:

I am not chiseling experts but may I know what kind of job is it?

Hi, maybe you missed it, but I just changed the title to complete. Thanks

Oh didn’t notice the “Complete” in front of title

shucks but ok :slight_smile: