Complete Ingredient Descriptions for the Centraforge



This ingredient performs three actions. The description lists two. Other ingredients display this same issue.

When did you swear off forging?

I’m not sure whether this one is incorrect or incomplete. It also removes gums (Buffs? Not buffs?) but it adds 50 vigor for each type of gum removed regardless of how many gums are applied.

Not enough info for me to know if this is a bug or not.


My first impression with Vigour Catalyst was also that Gums would give back 50 vigour per application of a gum. It hasn’t felt intuitive to me when I started using it, and every time I use the catalyst with several gums in effect, I always think about it… The catalyst description is a bit ambiguous, in my opinion.

Also, before someone else mentions it, Gums do give what are classified as buffs as per their descriptions:



Thanks for clarifying.