[COMPLETE] Moderator help please

You are right here, James I think had replied on the thread as well and completely ignored my statement about majorvexs post about naming and shaming and nothing was done about it.

The name of this thread says it all, showcasing a screenshot with my name. Is that not instigating something and bringing up unrelated topics?

The screenshot I posted of Steam?

that is correct

That is not naming and shaming. That was info posted on a public forum that you were directly referring to.


And what does it have to do with the topic posted?

The title of your thread was there is no support on Steam. So I posted a screenshot of steam showing a devs direct reply.


If you see a post that you believe falls foul of the Code of Conduct, please use the reporting system.

We don’t discuss moderation decisions in public, however, I wouldn’t agree that is naming and shaming. There is no shaming going on in that post, just showing that Sam responded to that topic in question and also showing that the team are active on the forum.

Do you need any further moderation assistance?


No you said it all.

yeah its clearly not just the single post, but all of them. hmmm

Perfect, I’m going to mark this topic as Complete then.

Give me a shout if you need any further assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

@Leahlemoncakes Actually I do have one question, Am I allowed to take screenshots of the original thread and post them on steam without naming names? Seeing as Majorvex did the same thing and it was allowed.

Not speaking for leah, but I wouldn’t do that…

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Do you really think this is the best way to deal with this?

Its not the point, the point I’m trying to make is, she did exactly that and it was seen as ok. I only write this for people to see the double standards.

its something that has been said many times by numerous players and frankly is the reason why a lot of players left this game, is because of this small minority.

Anyways that is a different discussion.

I came here wanting to help, and everything I have ever said about the forums have come true. I no longer care for this game, there is no point in arguing he said she said nonsense.

its clearly biased and for that reason Boundless will never succeed.

There is difference between making a point and being vindictive. But hey, it’s just your reputation, do with it what you will.


Hey I’m new here and I have been welcomed with open arms by everyone, I don’t believe you are right.


If i wanted to be vindictive I wouldnt ask, ill do it. I only said that to point out that its the same thing.

can i have your stuff?


Im happy for you

This thread has run its course.