[COMPLETE] Moderator help please

My first thread was about threads closing and it got closed. the second one was a duplicate and was then closed for being a duplicate.

Then why did you block my first thread?

Sorry this was my first thread

I’d like to help you as you’re new here, but as I see leah currently writing a comment I will defer to her :slight_smile:


@MrCoezzy Your threads were locked as they were duplicated threads. Starting new threads to carry on the topic after the original topic was closed is against the CoC.

Your first post was locked to give everyone a time out from it which is both explained in the Closed Comment and in our Private DM.

You have myself and @SamF as Dev Team Moderators as well as @james. Our Community Forum Leaders (Moderators) are @majorvex and @Stretchious and the actions taken were following the Code of Conduct


Do not play their game, when they want you to close a thread they get it, like so many other times.

Don’t you realize you were talking to walls? Even if you repeat the same thing a thousand times, they will jump off the branches, start with the bad vibes and pull the thread. That is why so many threads will fall out of mother. It’s always the same.

Or you are smarter and you don’t play their game: don’t answer them when it seems they tease you, report their post and that’s it.

If you answer them and enter their game, the topic begins to become personal as the thread pitch rises and they close it based on the Code of Conduct.

Ok, sorry about that, just i feel i was treated in such a manner that is unjust by your moderator as well. However im fighting a lost cause, i came here to help and was attacked and instigated into talking about other topics by your Moderator @majorvex.

I’m going to quote the flagging section of our Code of Conduct.

Only the Wonderstruck team can see who flagged posts and any further information you provide with the flag. If you feel that the replies are breaking the Code of Conduct then please flag and one of the team will review and take action as appropriate.

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I do not believe that reporting will do anything. The people have shown to stand alongside someone that says and I qoute “that all the people that play the game is on the forums”. I mean… The whole idea was to bring in new players.

You are right here, James I think had replied on the thread as well and completely ignored my statement about majorvexs post about naming and shaming and nothing was done about it.

The name of this thread says it all, showcasing a screenshot with my name. Is that not instigating something and bringing up unrelated topics?

The screenshot I posted of Steam?

that is correct

That is not naming and shaming. That was info posted on a public forum that you were directly referring to.


And what does it have to do with the topic posted?

The title of your thread was there is no support on Steam. So I posted a screenshot of steam showing a devs direct reply.


If you see a post that you believe falls foul of the Code of Conduct, please use the reporting system.

We don’t discuss moderation decisions in public, however, I wouldn’t agree that is naming and shaming. There is no shaming going on in that post, just showing that Sam responded to that topic in question and also showing that the team are active on the forum.

Do you need any further moderation assistance?


No you said it all.

yeah its clearly not just the single post, but all of them. hmmm

Perfect, I’m going to mark this topic as Complete then.

Give me a shout if you need any further assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

@Leahlemoncakes Actually I do have one question, Am I allowed to take screenshots of the original thread and post them on steam without naming names? Seeing as Majorvex did the same thing and it was allowed.