COMPLETE - Server downtime at 4PM GMT - Gleambow Balance tweaks incoming


Hey folks

We’re going to roll out a very small update at 4PM, containing some balance tweaks around Gleambow Racing. We should only be offline for a few minutes.

The broad strokes of the changes are;

  • Gleambow Timers have been altered to be more forgiving
  • Minor and Improved Fast Brews will now be added to drops for some lost Gleambow Meteorites
  • Solo players can now spawn Gleambow Meteorites

Thanks for your patience all, see you in there!

Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!

Music to my ears! You’ve made an old man very happy with this simple change. Thank you!


Awesome! Glad il be able to start soloing these.

I had to resort to stalking players doing it and running in to take the gleam - i felt terrible about it, so i’m glad its being tweaked so that’s not required to maximize gain


sweeeet! cant wait to go hunting this evening :smiley_cat:


This is why i like you guys lol. Gives me hope to try again today


Good to see a development team wilingl to listen, well done


So glad I don’t have to drag along a friend who doesn’t want to do the event and rage quits when we never get to the meteors in time.


Love you guys !!! thank you for listening to the players


yeah butt i had time to solo yesterday :joy:
awesome job dev’s we all waiting at embassy hub until you guys are done
cant wait thanks for listnening to us :grinning:


Thank you for the design iteration. Can I ask you or @james why no changes were made to the tail or ability to spot the meteor from far away after it landed? As mentioned by many people it can be very hard to spot where it lands especially as you run like crazy to try to get there.


you need that special person that sence them each grouphunt has one off those :smile:


cheers and a big thank you, devs!
Now gotta craft me some totems…


Thank you devs for listening!! as always!! you guys rock :smiley:


Thank you for taking feedback from the community and pushing a change so soon!


Changing the VFX requires a client change (hence submissions to Playstation) whereas these changes were all server side. We can do the server fast and the client slowly.


As always, awesome devs. Thanks!


And THIS is why I love this game! I really appreciate that the dev team listens to their player base. It shows. Thanks @james and all of your team!


Can you add it in for the next event ?
Or give us a dragon ball radar lol but for real though.


Team Pie did it again.


I didn’t complain about it, just wasn’t gonna try because i only get a alittle more than an hour to play and it’s to hard to find others during my play times. But now I’m definitely gonna try this event!!!

Thanks devs!!