[COMPLETE] Shades of Azure Marble

I am looking for some Azure shades of Marble. Did a lot of looking at a lot of shops and haven’t found any. Currently I have enough Strong and Deep Azure (thanks Foxy).

I am in dire need of Azure.

My Sovereign (Nonsea XII, in orbit around Biitula) has deep azure sedimentary. Not that hard to make marble out of it.


Reminder to do your chisel change at the refined step for max efficiency.


just come to painters ya can have all shades you want for 16c


Where’s painters too @Larky

I have 845 stark Azure Marble if you want it

Im good on Stark thank you @BabyCookie

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TNT > Painters

Painters is left side of mall section at tnt


Oh jeez! Not sure how I missed that one LOL :flushed:

yeah bottom left portal at tnt mall portal section.
also gtg hub portal and ezpz project planetary`s refgar planet portal

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