[Completed] Buying Cold Tan Foliage


as the topic says :slight_smile:


I think I might have a lot of it. Will check when I’m on


Ah nope I was wrong, I had a whole lot of Light Sepia sorry


I have around 400 of cold tan (between all 3 types of foliage). Might part with some of it.


I might have some too if no one else is able to help.


I’ll see if I have some when I get on later.


Only need the Lush as they all have to match just let me know prices please


Not sure if you know but you can type change foliage to the style you need.


haha not sure why i didnt think of that good to know


You can and I was going to suggest doing that but then felt you probably already knew and just lacked the color period :upside_down_face: wooops (it’s very helpful when you want to get rid of that waxy looking stuff!)

I just checked and I only have 2 left :frowning: sorry I’d offer if I had any substantial amount


I can give you most of mine for free (since you will need block change a lot).


that would be so great :slight_smile:


meet me in Ultima HQ, Eresho


near what? =D its huge lol


The huge regional portals, I meant.


Thank you again :slight_smile: still going to need more btw


you better share some screenshots and send invitations when you are done with them (whatever you are building now)


Im just building our (myself and Morgans) base. This is my exo block storage room.

Its in Nixia (tnt megahub) our shop is the Kitty Meow Meow Club and the base is under that there are 3 different floors, the workshop, forge and storage for me


nice!! black and white like

funny cause I just started building a small base/farm on Gloviathosa (mud, ash and gleam in one spot) and I used white and black blocks only (black deco gravel, white and black timber, black refined and deco rock, dark glass, black grass etc.) - trying to get that monochromatic effect


Here is the forge. I havent finished the lighting in here yet