(completed) WTB 224 black gleam - 4000c each

Hello, if there are interested I would like to buy 224 black gleam, I give 4000c each

thank you :slight_smile:

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tempting…but i think ill keep my horde


if you change your mind contact me :slight_smile:

Just sold 15, but willing to sell another 15 for 60,000c.

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are you online now? I could meet you in Gyosha Mall in front of the 7 days portals @Pseudonym84

Be there in 2.

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I fell asleep how many

Np cookie, missing 209 for my goo farm

I can sell you 100 of them

make that 200 i can sell @anon94355725

sorry it’s now completed but thanks @JaceyLive

Thanks @BabyCookie and @ILegend :slight_smile: