[COMPLETED][WTB] Ashen Taupe Rocks

I’ll have to take a look and see what I have.

I may have a few SS of it lying in storage.

Also are you just looking for rocks or would you take stones too?

i can take stone too

Ok I’m at dinner now but when I get home I’ll take a look and see what I have available.

@Gorillastomp I have 5979 rocks and 3540 stones in ashen taupe

I am still in need for this.

I got some in marble

I need rocks or stone since i want to make bricks with it. Thanks for the offer thought.

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I am reoppening the trade for Ashen Taupe rocks. I am buying them at 1c at my place. You can get there on the Portal seekers Grovidias Te Hub.

Over 600k coins to make.

The rock can be found on the current Blink Exo : [Sarra II] --[Savage Blink Exoworld]-- [Active].


@Turrican2006 siehste 1c für t7 ist genug…


Tja es ist wie es ist vll wird man ja einfach gemieden als kleiner Spieler

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Het is maar goed dat ik een beetje Duits kan anders had ik er niks van begrepen!


mostly meta rocks on this location

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Hei alle sammen se på meg, jeg snakker et annet språk! Er jeg ikke spesiell? Haha bare tuller, elsker dere :kissing_heart:


Had no idea you were swedish. Im a dane. Please return Skåne to us.

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You feel like collecting:-)

I dont want to interrupt my rock smashing mojo lol

Haha that’s just google translate. But I have been to Malmo :blush:

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That was some flawless swedish right there. Kudos google translate. lol

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I’m pretty impressed that it fooled you too!


oups… stones… just remember something with marble… im sorry 4 that…

anyway you can have a few stags 4 free…
just tell me how much you like to have

i am pretty stock with the ashen taupe rock, thanks for the offer!

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