[COMPLETED] WTB Cool Mint gleam 16 ss [28c each! (30c hand trade)]

Stuffed the basket with 432k for 16 smart stacks of cool mint gleam!

28c or 30c handtrade!

Huh, that was quick! Thanks!

Added same amount of coin again tho :wink:

Recoined the basket for 16 more smart stacks, now for 28c (30c hand trade)!

You might be interested in this

Yeah but he only has shadow yellow, not crisp yellow as far as I know.

Correct me if I’m wrong and I’m gonna buy him out! :smiley:

Ahhh you’re right, I misread the color. My bad!

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New exo, buying new gleam colour! Stuff that basket!

So te one from umbris?

where is the basket?

Coin Converters Nova Golda…

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Arzite Yori…

the shop is quite big - to speed up the search for the basket I used shop scanner (raw gleam - sell to) and no results for the Coin Converter bar a regular gleam colors being bought for 1c

My CC spot is spot 1?

oh my - the gleam didnt load - basket looked like empty

or was it empty and u recoined?

ANYWAYS: 3 SS sold - thank you for the coin @AeneaGames :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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Lol sorry i was thinking about the newest EXO :laughing:

I recoined :slight_smile:

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Ah - Kallista was you!! I am standing next to you there - as JimGleam :grin:


Yeah KalistaGames is my Steam account! Since I was already logged off from PS4 and browsing on PC I thought I would login there, loads the game quicker and all that :slight_smile:

And yeah already thought it was you when I came back here, lol

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