Comprehensive guides?

Are there any comprehensive guides on how things like beacons work and how to use them? Is that something they were testing for awhile then removed for tweaking? I’m having trouble finding changelogs. Sorry if this is a repeat question.

Beacons specifically aren’t in full working order as far as I’m aware, any beacons in the game right now were put there via a direct request to the devs when the offer for them was put out on twitter. I’m sure guides will become available for these things in time though.

Thanks, my quest for changelogs continues!

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as mentioned. placeable beacons arent up yet, but they will come pretty soon.

I would really like to see permissions for beacons, similar to the factions plug-in for minecraft servers. And maybe ally with a fellow beacon owner to increase the land covered. Etc

that is basically how beacons work.

Closest thing to a change log, here.

Hey thanks!

Can I find changelogs lower than Release 68? I can find only since 68.

Prior to 68, the changes were not public.

How’s that? Why not publicly began to count from one? Some confusion.

probably back end changes in code to the predictive tech and/or stuff that was changed before the pre-alpha launch. I don’t know for sure, I’m no developer. I just know that when I started playing in July/August, there was a long time where no patch notes were released, then they started on posting them like that.