Compressing Mats

Hey gals’n’guys

I just had an idea that could make some later game issues easier and/or more comfortable. We all know that stacks if most mats are limited to 99 and our inventory is quite limited if we want to carry many different mats with us. So here is the idea …

What if we could have a tool that can compress and decompress mats (not all but a limited group like building blocks or raw mats). So with a cost of “currency” you could compress 50 mats to a single item which is then stackable again. And with a cost again you can decompress them again.

On this way collecting, storaging and carrying around would be easier,which would lead to lesser need of massive chest pools, transportation walks and inventory when building real large buildings. It would also make trading easier when making larger hauls. With the cost for the processes we would also have another goldsink which would be good for a stable economy.

What do you think? :wink:


magic bags… and wagons.

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Personally i think it is counterproductive, you do know that the stack limits are there so you CANT carry around everything at once? in my eyes you shouldnt have it too easy, if you want to transport say 2000 metal ore then you have to go back and forth multiple times rather than just being able to carry all of it.

i would totally support kalthazar’s idea of wagons or pack animals that can make you carry more though.

I personally don’t think it should cost currency currency to compress and decompress blocks simply because it does add cost to bulk trades. From an economical standpoint, I would have to charge slightly more per compressed stack than the cost of an uncompressed stack just to make the same profit margin. Block sellers would sell everything uncompressed just to keep prices lower.

A good alternative could be durability loss on a compression tool or station. This would be a fraction of the cost to vendors since it’s an overhead cost rather than a cost per transaction, no more of a cost than miners taking durability on their hammer or loggers taking durability on their axe.

Additionally, decompression should be absolutely free and require no special tools or stations. Just click a stack of compressed blocks in your inventory and it yields a full stack of decompressed blocks if you have inventory space for it.

I agree though that only certain blocks should be compressible. Ores and metals and items should be excluded from compression. Compression should be focused on helping builders working on huge projects from having to travel back and forth too often.

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I like it,with a few minor changes,I think it could be cool.

Where does the line go then? for example wood can be used for building but also crafting, does that count or not? stone and granite, can be used for building but also crafting, where would the line go? that would be my problem with it.

I believe the stack limit is there to keep data costs of inventory down. Compressed stacks would hypothetically require no extra data as a stack of compressed blocks would have the same data requirements as a stack of uncompressed blocks, only the action when used would differ. (Uncompressed > placeable. Compressed > decompress)

So if i wanted to carry around 10000 blocks in one slot i should be able to do that?

Yes, it can be used for crafting low tier items, and as a building material as well, you will likely be hauling many stacks of wood. Minerals like iron, Oort stone, gleam, etc would not stack since they are not generally considered both crafting and construction materials.

Ok let’s math this. Let’s say it’s similar to compression of iron in MC, but base 10 rather than base 9. 10 blocks = 1 compressed. Compressed blocks stack to 99. 99 x 10 = 990, the maximum blocks that can be carried in one slot.

from a builder perspective i can see the idea of it, from an RPG/Trade perspective i think its not a good idea, forexample say you want to move some materials or items to another city then you have to go multiple times on a journey, which makes it more realistic, or his example of ‘‘not wanting to have a ton of chests’’ this system would more or less nullify the idea of needing chests, if you can just compress everything no matter the size, so 10 000 blocks would fill 1 slot. For building i still think wagons are a great idea however it is going to be an RPG without creative style building so why allow the use of near infinite resources?

that is still 10 times much as you would carry normally allowing for too easy movement of resources rather than it being tactical, if you for example have a few thousand resources, i just dont think that you should be able to move them all in one day, but its a matter of opinions :smile:

100 : 1 ratio is too high, as you suggested. 10 : 1 Is much more reasonable, especially when you consider many mid-sized builds may run 10k blocks or more.

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if you want to build with 10k blocks then you collect 10 k blocks and go back and forth, i dont see it as a problem but i would like to add the point it highly depends on the limit, atm the stack limit is 99 if we keep it there and we have the roughly 30 space inventory we have now (with quick slot) we can already carry 2970 blocks,which should be more than enough to get you started, i just dont like the whole ‘‘we should be able to carry EVERYTHING’’ idea, especially cause of the fact that they will drop on death, imagine the rage o.o

I know your experience with building large projects is somewhere between limited to non-existent, but 2700 blocks would barely be enough to set the foundations of a project. As a miner, 2700 blocks is max bags after 10-15 minutes of strip mining. I’m not suggesting all block types be compressed, only the most commonly used ones. Food, tools, and items would all take up inventory slots for builders and gatherers further reducing their inventory. As a trader, compression benefits you as well. Let’s say you are a traveling sales man. A full inventory of food or items could accommodate dozens of potential customers at once, making you wealthy. A full inventory of stone chunks (without compression) would only fill 1 customers needs, if that much. With compression, you can carry 10x the stone chunks, there by servicing 10 customers.

As for dying with compressed stacks, it would simply do exactly as the game does with stacks now, 1 stack of compressed items would drop as a single entity. In fact, if you wanted to add extra danger to traveling with full bags, compressed building materials does this too.

Ps, done for the night. I’ll pick this up again tomorrow probably.


For having to go back and forth to much times is somehow boring like grinding for xp in wow. I especially see one problem with the need to make multiple hauls when trading: what if you want to be a trader for building mats and have to carry at least two or three thousand of each stone and wood color you want to trade? If you work on an order base it should be ok, but what if you play as an wandering trader? To have onlz one or two normal stacks of each would be to less to be practical, so we need a system to handle this issue.

To have wagons with at least 50 to 100 more slots would also help, but to implement compressing would help especially for more versatile trading stocks.

The idea to let the tool get used and has to be repaired is also a good way to implement a cost :wink:

yeah that is the difference, i dont think that you should be able to just completely remove a mountain to get mats in one go, i see it as easy mode, as a sort of ‘‘let me carry 10000 materials because i want to build big builds’’ if you want to build something with the foundation of 3000 blocks, then you should also have to freaking work for it, which is what i see atm ‘‘we should be able to build without any limitations because we find it boring’’ which i find to be ridiculous. if you can stack everything what about chests? why would you ever bother? as i said i would highly support a sort of wagon which might be two whole chests that way you will have the ability to move around large amounts of stone but its not like ‘‘i can just go powerfarm for an hour with no restrictions because that is boring’’

thats the difference, you are the builder, so you want something that makes it easier to build. i am the rpg player, i believe that things like this should take time, i believe that big things should be a pain to build yourself to ENCOURAGE working together, why should you be able to do everything yourself and carry around 10 000 blocks, if you dont think 3k space is enough then gather people, if you build 5 people together it should be more than enough. rome wasnt built in a day neither was it built by one person :smiley:

I think this proposal could still preserve that if you can only compress/decompress at specific locations. Say, some building located in certain capitals that players can’t build - or is at least extremely difficult to build.

It would be a handy way for storing or trading your more abundant resources, while still requiring you to make a trip to the “bank” to decompress those materials into something useful

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This i would agree on, if its a physical station which you cant just carry around, then it would be a great idea, i just despise the idea of having it be a thing you can do whenever.

also i would like to split up the two arguments because i quite honestly find them hillarious

your arguments were ‘‘but traders should be able to carry much, therefore every single person should be able to carry as much’’ i do agree that travelling traders should be able to go around and sell, which is why i again fully support a wagon, i just dont think individual players with only inventory should be able to carry as much as an entire horse carriege + normal inventory + more.

i would support it if

  1. it was a station which you cannot move meaning you cant just carry them around
  2. you cannot decompress without going to a station, meaning a compressed item is useless until you have gone to a station to decompress them.

i do not think it should be used for

  1. being able to get all materials from removing an entire mountain without going back
  2. infinite compression allowing 1 million blocks to fill one slot
  3. being able to decompress things whenever and wherever you want

that way the whole ‘‘big build thing’’ would still work, you just need to create a compressor/decompresser at the location (which would hopefully be quite expensive)

those are my opinions though
GJ Nevir :smiley:


Gotta say, while eI like the idea for ease of play, I agree with Zouls, I have issue with it from a RPG perspective, since when is it reasonable to be able to carry around 990 stone bricks, or metal ingots?

Th reason I mentioned magic bags is well… they are magic and magic costs. you have to earn them, craft them, trade for them etc. and they may even have a maintenance cost (essence, mana etc). Ty would hold more, but still have a limit.

Wagons are similar, they put the goods on a large vehicle. you’d need to gather and train the beasts to haul it, craft or trade for it, and protect it while travelling (no “this fights too tough I’m gonna run off with my hoard”, abandoning your wagon vs surviving is a much tougher decision), and there is wagon maintenance that could be a cost… no need to add in artificial feeling mechanics.

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