Concept Art: Prestige Crops (farming)


… Perhaps we’ll get a brownie recipe that uses it. :wink:


Tintable and with life cycle to.
Love it :slight_smile:


Gotta get that weed…

@Minyi went to check your homepage. Really nice stuff overall :slight_smile: !


These look wonderful!

I’d like to advocate for people who build evil or gloomy builds, we’d also like some corrupted or just plain icky looking prestige plants that fit with that theme. I’m sure we could plant the pretty ones and let them die, but I suspect we’ll get a prestige penalty for that.


Very nice
I gonne need a big garden :blossom::blossom::+1:


Maybe we could expand a touch on the existing plant models as well. Is it too early to add a spooky vine to grow from spooky seed next Halloween?


These are so pretty. Guess I need to make sure I have a farm area set up for my base!


Oooo… very lovely! Ancestor’s blade is my favorite! For design, colors and name! :grinning:


I can haz flowerz? PLZZZZZZ



I really hope farming gonna be where we can grow the pants that drop beans other stuff cause that would be amazing


Why are the plants dead or sick looking at the last stage? If they are ornamental should they not be perennial?


They might be crops without water.


It looks like the life cycle of each of em with the seed displayed in the top


Perennials survive on rain and snow they shouldn’t require water, maybe at the seeding stage and the first stage.

Afterwards though, seems as an annual design.

Just wondering since seeds are also shown, are those exo seeds? I dont want to replant Perennials or ornamental plants regularly.

Or do they reseed them selfs after the last cycle, seasons and such?


They said earlier thst crops will require *water.

I assume it’ll be similar to Minecraft in that regard.

*EDIT: Or lava


I would assume that for the crafting materials, or the fuel they mentioned. Just wondering what that means for plants that are purely prestige and ornamental oriented.


We want mooooooore. So beautiful though!


ABSOLUTELY amazing, I cannot wait to grow these beauties.


Looks good, I know it won’t translate directly into the models in the game, but I love that art style.


I am assuming there’s going to be more crops you can grow in farming than 3.