Concern about crooked blocks

I didnt bought the game yet because i need 88 cent more on steam^^, but can people build straight things?

All buildings that i saw yet were crooked. For example in the video in Steam. I didnt liked those really much.

Did that changed yet?

There are several blocks which are “crooked”. But they can become “straight”.

But lots of blocks are straight too.

Here a bit better:

For example you add a door now - the broken stone will go straight.

Build something around, to get the rest of broken stone “straight”:

Dont be scared about that. You will love it.


I think @Sequell answered your question perfectly so I have nothing more to say or add for that, but if you need little bit more cents for Oort Online I could send you steam trading cards of approx 50 cents :smiley:

That doesn´t solve your problem, but then would be little bit closer of happy owner of Oort Online.

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haha, that would be nice.

Thank You!

added u: darkbladex5

I changed the title of the topic so it was more describing hope it doesn’t matter.

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So basically you have natural blocks who are crooked, and man made blocks which are straight.

the natural are things like rock, dirt, thoset higns

Man made are things like walls, slabs, lambs

you can basically make a natural block straight, you just need to place a slab or a wall near it, and boom. you have a natural block :smiley:

but its to add a sense of fluidness, and its really nice ingame, something that bothered me about minecraft was how everything looked straight and fake, this is much more interesting.

lastly, i do totally understand where you are coming from and it might be a very very good point, think im going to make a post about it.


Ok, nice thanks

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