Concerned about new tools durability

With the new gems coming we will have to farm them before others so it’s a race to get the most gems. Which will be very limited all the time. Then we will make weapons and tools out of them. And get to use them for a couple hours before they break seems pretty harsh.

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My plan is to mine what I can initially with my max damage diamond hammers, stock up on whatever new gem appears, and forge hammers from those to mine the next t7 planet quicker!

Yea I’m going to mine as much as I can hordes everything that I mine make 2 sets of tools and weapons and save the rest for future updates with any luck we will get better gear and weapons with the ability to repair them.

Durability on those puppies should be like 10-20k.

There a few different methods of repairing tools that they could put into the game a few that stand out the most would be.

Reduced resource cost to repair.
Rng style maybe quirk that repairs your weapons each time you walk.
Spark powered machine that repairs weapons.

Or my favorite would be create various ammo types for weapons and only lose durability each time your hit holding the weapon. Or tools every time you hit something that it’s not designed for it will take durability damage.

Special Worlds are around the corner, not gonna happen. Besides I will not be a fan of repairing forged gear AT ALL…

I would favour something like the way stamina/hunger works.

You have an overall tool health bar, and a wear bar. Wear bar reduces as you use but each time you repair the max health bar reduces, which also reduces the max wear, eg:

1000 health
1000 wear

Use tool

1000/1000 health
50/1000 wear

Repair tool

800/1000 health
800/800 wear

Use tool

800/1000 health
50/800 wear

Repair tool

600/1000 health
600/600 wear

And so on.

If you ever let your tool get to 0 wear it breaks permanently.

There could also be some reduction in stats once you go below a certain percentage of the original tool health.

I would hate to see a repair tool come in that just allowed you to repair a few tools lots of times with no consequence.

There is definitely a tasteful way of adding repairing into the game. It’s not something that is going to break the economy. Best thing to do would add luck based repair that will eventually turn into skill based repair over a long period of time. Would create a skilled based profession in the game and I’m sure more skill based professions in the game will be welcomed. Im not talking leveling and putting points into the profession I’m talking gaining experience in the profession based on how often you do it.

They can’t really do that without making all sub-rift tools lose 90% of their value and become completely trash. The gap between tiers should be the same as metal -> alloy and alloy -> gem.

not really… if it was super easy to find, yes. but this stuff is going to be super, SUPER rare. extreme durability is almost a necessity.

I would still be using iron so that statement is false anyway.

I think all tools should be given the same base durability of 2000. They differentiate enough with their DPS stats.

We don’t know how the new exoplanets will work yet. What if there are enemies that drop the new materials? That makes them infinite even if the planets aren’t. We also don’t know how often the planets will spawn, how resource rich they’ll be, etc.

Way too many variables to start worrying now about the new tools


I tend to agree. While we can only speculate right now, I do hope the mats and planets are common enough to not cause true artificial scarcity.

They like to create grind in this game so I’m going to assume they are going to be scarce just think all high lv player farming these gems how fast they will disappear from a planet that does not regen.