Confused -- how to know if they are regen bombs


Bought a few days ago a bag of iron bombs that stated on the sign they were regen bombs, and when I clicked to check they said regen bombs.
Last night, being tired which means I am also being stupid, I see a sign on a bag of bombs that says regen and go, 2,300 coins, and for titanium bombs, nice and buy the bag.
Later, check and all it says is titanium, not regen on the bag. Going, great, someone marked the sign wrong and I didn’t get regen.
Now, I am seeing at another shop that has a sign for copper regen bombs and the price of 2300cs and they don’t say regen on them.

What gives? Are they regen or not? And how much of a difference does the metal make, whether it is copper, iron or titanium?


sounds like a scam dont think it need added skill to use regenbombs i also think they cost more but def not a expert
def watch out i seen people buy worn hammers before cause they did not look well


right click on the item, at the bottom it should say forge effect followed by “Regenerate World” somewhere in there.

EDIT: also regen bombs only work in unclaimed or reserved areas. They don’t work in claimed plots.


To be fair I double and triple check the actual forge against the sign to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen. So I would reach out to the shop owner and see if maybe this is an accident. You never know.

If you don’t forge, the reason is not obvious. Sometimes you need to abort a forge and then it goes into the queue with the rest. So if you make a mistake and shift click the wrong item in, I have definitely found forged stuff in my unforged storage shelves, usually you notice when you go to forge a stack and it won’t work because one of the items in the stack has been forged already.

People are generally not malicious, and even if they are, they typically fold under a little bit of pressure.


Maybe someone forgot to change their sign? Maybe they sold out of regen bombs, refilled the stock with something else and forgot?

Since forged items stack with regular items, maybe they accidentally put them on the stand together?

Kinda stinks. I do wish forged items had an aura of some type to differentiate them from regular items. Maybe they shouldn’t stack w reg items either.

Was this by chance a shop in the mall?


I want them to use on the yam farm. I need the yams for the food I want to make and can’t go out and collect them myself. Plus, to make the brews I want to make I need shimmering orbs, so that is another farm I will need to go to. But, I will need regen bombs to replenish for the next player.
Seems a caser of buyer beware.


Definitely ask them about it, could be an honest mistake. Scamming people would bring no repeat business.


Janna, if you catch me online I will forge them for you.


There is an effect on the the item when it’s forged. It’s not easy to see but it’s there. Same kind of effect when your holding it.


Yup, but the aura effect should be stronger or something. Most of them are so faint you can’t hardly see them.


Am in the mall right now, hoping to run into Ark while I am there, checked the bag of copper bombs and they state they are regen, just as the iron ones did when I bought them.
The titanium ones, however, that I bought at the mall do not say regen, just that they will kill dangerous creatures.
I don’t know how to let the person who has the shop know that they are labeled wrong, I’m not going to go it was a scam, as it can be a accidental placing, forgetting to change the sign. I just wish there was a way to let them know.
Same with why do some place the price at 99,999,999 for a item? Has to be a accident.


People don’t want to sell said item so they put the maximum number on it.


I think he was trying to fill his shop stands, but since his prices are pretty good, people kept buying all of his stock before he could finish.

I believe the $zillion items are basically placeholders while he situates his stands.

I’ll go peek at his store real quick. He’s a very active, helpful/nice player. I am almost 100% certain it was not malicious.

Update…just looked…maybe I am thinking of a different shop? I don’t see any bombs at Ark


@majorvex Janna was looking for Ark due to this offer, not because Ark was the original seller.


Ark wasn’t the one who had the titanium bombs listed as regen and aren’t. And I truly believe that it was a accident. No better way to cut your throat then pull a stunt like that in a mall. So, giving the benefit of the doubt here.

If it has not been so late at night I would have made sure it said regen. But, didn’t and that goes with the buyer beware. Even a fair shop owner can make a mistake and put the wrong item in a spot, so it behooves the buyer to be careful and make sure they are getting what they want, not just the seller.

Ark is making me some regen bombs I can use.


Your regen bombs are ready, but the wife and I are crashing for the night. I will get them to you tomorrow.


There is a particle effect in world (though it’s subtle). I think what is really needed though is some sort of aura / badge on the icon in the shop interface. Right now, once you’re in the shop stand interface, regular and forged tools are indistinguishable unless you right-click on them.


Thanks, will stop by around the same time as last night, unless you want a different time. I’ll check here off and on throughout the day to see if you want a different time. I’m flexible as I can’t work any more.


I am about to get ready and leave for work, so yes, same time as last night. Possibly a little earlier (no more than an hour) but I’ll let you know.


Forged, but visually looks the same.