Confused -- how to know if they are regen bombs


yep, that is the confusing part. look the same and if the sign says regen bombs you will think you are getting the ones that will regenerate the “world” whether it is the mud with yams, or plants with shimmering orbs or bark on trees.
So, look at the bottom and see if it is says it will regen the world and if it doesn’t, just says for flinging at creatures and does damage then It Will Not regenerate to world.
Shop owner either, most likely, forgot and was in a hurry and didn’t change the sign. Tired and did a stupid mistake like I do at times when tired.
Or, are trying to scam players; which will come and bite them in their rear.

Took me putting the two bags of bombs side by side and looking to see the difference (besides one was titanium and the other was iron) was that the one said it would regenerate the world and the other didn’t, just gave the skill effect.


Were you able to get the bombs you wanted? If not, I will help you out.


I am to meet Ark tonight and get the bombs. They would have had to stay up to later to give them to me and I was too tired at that time. Will be picking them up tonight.
Thanks for the help and showing how the image should look. I can use the titanium bombs when fighting mobs on a high level planet with my son.