Connecting settlement


Hey. I’m just having some trouble connecting a beacon to my settlement. It was connected yesterday now it’s not. I bought more plots beside the settlement plots and still not attached. How many plots have to be touching to connect?


What exactly says the Beacon Control, why it can’t connect?
Usually the problem is if your Beacon has a 1plot “street” between two parts of your beacon, if you make it more width, then this issue is solved.
How much Plots you have at the line to the settlement?
If i remember right, you need 4 connected.


Well I’m make a bridge across water to the next island. Probably 4 or 5 plots touching wide and 3 or 4 touching on the next row up. Says trying to connect 2 or more settlements with a timer that resets after it’s done.


Is your Bridge probably at some point just 1plot wide?


Possibly where it’s going through the mountain and makes a left turn in the mountain (5 plots away) The bridge it self had to be 3 wide. And 2 tall in the middle. Then a bunch of plots that I added to try and attach it after it separated. It was attached to the main settlement until I got over 10000 prestige.


connect 3 wide all the way and youre set


Yes, make the 2 wide also 3 wide, i guess thats is it.


I’ll try that… if I have enough plots.


Still not working had my friend sell me the plots to make it a flat connection and it’s still not connecting. At the connection I have 4 wide x 3 high. I’ve got 53 plots down now. I’ve attached some pictures.


where yall at? ill come with debug and see if i see something off


Maybe your issue isn’t there. Is there a section that you previously built, further back on the other side of the mountain, that is only two plots wide?


I found your problem, meet me there and ill show you



The 3 with the red strips is concidering itself a road. Youll need to connect that to the other by 3


Huh. I have to buy more plots. :man_facepalming: Thanks. Did you check out the build?


Yea i have checked it out before, i knew where you were talking about lol
If needed i can come over and you might be able to plot a few things different to fix it


Thanks. It’s all good now. :beers: