Connection issue to certain server

I am having bad/unstable connection especially to US East and EU Central, and few planet of US West. I have no problem in AUS server (since it is the most nearest to my place).

Just to be clear, I am playing from South East Asia, and before the connection issues, I have around 220-250+ms in all US/EU server (did not experiencing any rubber-banding or unplayable connection)

Below is the log I copied out (as it repeated) and wanted to know, does the unstable connection is due to my slow internet and thus causing me to have bad connection?

[2020-03-24 02:23:11.780] [INFO] Attempting to restart UDP socket for gameWorld euc4_t2_0(id:39)
[2020-03-24 02:23:12.714] [ERROR] Waited way too long without acknowledgements of UDP inputs. Assuming network failure on UDP and dropping back to Websocket transfer.
[2020-03-24 02:23:17.513] [INFO] Attempting to restart UDP socket for gameWorld euc4_t2_0(id:39)
[2020-03-24 02:23:22.613] [INFO] Succesfully restarted stable UDP socket to server for gameWorld euc4_t2_0(id:39). Will now stop sending inputs over Websocket connection.

Not sure, we have been tracking quite a few issues from Asia here.

I’ve been have issues with the EU server for the last 3 days at this time (20:44 UTC) All other servers are fine for me. I’m western.

Now totally trapped in Lasaina, Boori and Lutrion. Going anywhere else would end up rubber-banding + unplayable connection.

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I sometimes get bad connection to the point that it gets annoying especially when I am building, it doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen, but it’s mainly because I am on ps4, my WiFi is pretty good.

Ive experienced this past couple days on USE and AUS