Connection issues?


Anyone else getting massive lag, a constant reconnecting screen without the ability to even return to sanctum? I had to close game through task manager. US- East server, C’Merika.


Yes, constantly. It has in fact become totally unplayable.


What’s the Chunk Download Rate and Chunk Cache Size set to?


It was a freak connection issue. Haven’t had any problems since the patch. It was almost like I got DDOS’d. I had to completely shut done my modem and router and do an PC restart. After that it was fine.


Problems like that happen, I know because while I am playing dota2 my router can shut down, and because of that problem I can’t do anything and I am getting low priority. Well all this problems are in past, recently I found app, that helps me to make my internet more stable, and it is not shuting down from nothing.