Connection / Lag Issues - UPDATED


I believe they have started implementing this feature already (but I don’t think it’s working yet), with an initial afk timeout of 15 mins


Heh, you’re right. I know this because, like one of those sitcom moments where a character says something will never happen just before it does happen:


hahaha that’s awesome :laughing:


Really not feeling the love here, paid a lot of money for my backer pack and still no lvl4 aus world? Kinda cheesed off at this point.


Is having reduced all of the planet caps the reason soooo many new planets seem to be spawning since you changed it?


That’s bizarre… I play on the AU worlds regularly from Europe, as well as on all US servers, and have never seen behaviour like this.

The only thing where I notice the latency is spitters getting off another shot before they die when they hit 0 health, but that’s something that’s pretty easy to deal with generally.


Because aus worlds are 80 ping, US West is 180, US East is 220, While Europe are 250+. Then add on congestion.

Atm I die then magically reapawn on worlds not native to me. NZ only really has good connections through aus and USA west due to where the international fibre cables lay.


And for some reason the order of my posts messed up and I replied with an edited version of my earlier post…


You guys are doing great! Thanks for the hard work. Roll out is always super stressful, so make sure you treat yourself to some bagels, donuts, or whatever other baked goods you prefer.

Quick question, will the player cap for each planet continue to increase, especially beyond 100? I feel like it’s going to cause a lot of issues if the cap doesn’t increase as more and more players come. Just a thought…




Playing on the ps4 today. Eating my persisting pie that I paid good money for, (thanks Jiivita), diamond mining on Serpinserindi, just about to hammer another diamond seam and disconnected. Yay. Now stuck in sanctum with no way out. Too many active connections it says. It won’t let me warp out either. I can’t even send the report on the ps4. Nothing. Sorry, but slightly irritated.


Same been stuck in sanctum kicked out of serp for a while now.


This is really bad tonight, i never seen my serp planet full. been sitting in Sanctum for a while just trying to switch to my character and warp back in. Odd given my planet isn’t really centralized in the portal network and i don’t think we have an high traffic areas here. Hope to see some improvements alleviate this.


For the three commenters before: Looks like Serpenserindi crashed last night, one of my guildies had the same problem :frowning:


I know it’s off topic but how did you get wayfarer on Ps4?


I started on Steam and now I play on PS4. I think it is linked to my email so it shows me as a wayfarer.


Ah ok … i was just wondering because I’ve got a spare access code and thought for a moment I could use that on the PS4 so I could have one account on the pc and one on the ps4.


I do not think the pc codes can be used for the ps4 version.


No that’s what I realised, I was just curious because I saw Armor1 had a wayfarer title but was on the PS4 which I thought didn’t release till after the backer titles were stopped.


Still unplayable, you get bounced around like crazy for a few minutes after using a portal accompanied by random waves of insane lag out of nowhere. You are not going to keep a lot of people interested like that,