Considering Oort as a builder only?

Considering buying Oort Online, but I’m wanting to just build. The game is too pretty to pass up, but I’m not as much into the online world/pvp aspect, I just want to be on my own and build for fun.

I saw that there’s an infinite block option in the early access, will there be a “creative-only” type mode in the future, or will it all be taken away in favor of just the rpg/pvp style game?

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There is more than one answer.

To begin with there will be private worlds, disconnected from the MMO, where people can MOD it and make it whatever they want. Those will be rented, sold or something like that.

The MMO is different because all will play by the same rules and there will be survival and lots of other activity. Of course building is a fundamental part it. The good news for someone who only wants to build and wants to do it in the official MMO, is that the worlds will be tiered with increasing difficultly, but it is completely fine not to travel to other more difficult worlds if you don’t want to. There will be lots and lots of worlds at each tier level. That said, there will be no infinite blocks.

I’m guessing that most large guilds will be based in the first tier or so of worlds, and while there will need to be fighters of course, there will also be crafters and builders.

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@kataB Come on in!! Long term, yeah, the game is going to gain some more MMO aspects, but even as it is right now, it is a LOT of fun to build in. It looks great and they have done everything right.


If you had a guild that supplied you with building mats, would you build for that guild? I’m curious whether that would be a good system.


Not only that, my Guild will be an “Mearchant Guild” if you want to call it like that. I will focus on Economy, an hard but rewarding Part.

I’m still thinking abut the Structure, but I think I won’t recruit People in here like others do. I cant compare my Guild to others, they write down an whole damn book about their Guild while I would onl have like 2-3 Sentences. I’m totally spontaneously ^^

PS. And as merchant Guild we have to stay in Tier 1 anyway ^^ The Place where everyone can go! More customers, more money :stuck_out_tongue:


So the short answer, at least from the community is… no.

If I were to purchase access today and enjoy just building randomly on my own, eventually that will be taken away from me.
It was more a question of if there would be a separate mode for just “creative”/lego mode where I didn’t have to interact with the rest of the game, just could use the world builder to create my own world, and build on it as I wanted. (self-hosted/offline even?)

Don’t think i’ll be putting in $55 just to have the thing I want taken away.

I totally understand that the devs are focused on making Oort to their vision, won’t hold that against them at all. Just more interested in a builder game in these gorgeous worlds than the survival/rpg side. :innocent:

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I am pretty sure this is part of the plan. Perhaps @james or @ben can confirm this. I even read the world builder is supposed to have a demo mode, so that might end up evolving into the offline game.

There have been talk about creative worlds which would be a part of the network of survival worlds but i do not know if it was confirmed

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weirdest question to me, considering how so many once, very active members have went dormant over not getting the “right update” that changes the game from just building, nevertheless i hope they get the mode for you guys who do want to just build, it would be cool to see a offline, one world that you can build to your leasure

Not weird, not weird u.
Offline mode is good for getting to know the game mechanics. And building a private or secure digital space or microcosmos is also picturesque. But worlds are vast in Oort, and it will be difficult to create a whole piece of art like a beautiful undestroyed city, megabuild, or wonder all on ur own. And yet it will not be too easy to visually rhyme and rhythm everything together. :confused:

I would totally get behind that. Farming mats is the worst part of trying to make a large build. You’ve seen the thing I’m currently working on, but could you imagine how long it would take to do all of that AND gather all the mats? I’ve already put about 25 hours into what I’ve done, and it’s barely the beginning. But anyway, I’m gonna cut this short because it’s way off topic.

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