Contest: Advertise your DKMall Shop! July Winners Announced!

New mini contest!

How it works:
Take pictures of your DKMall shop (or reuse old ones)
Post in this thread with pictures of your shop, descriptions of what you sell and your mall address
(Also I suggest putting your mall address in your beacon name so people can find your shop easily)

You can enter on behalf of a friend if you want to help them out, too (you make an entry for a shop, they get entered to win)

Winners for July: Quni, Mystfit and Tinypower

At the end of August I will randomly pick three entries, winners get 100k, 50k and 25k!

Don’t have a shop yet? You’ve got 2 weeks to open one and advertise it :blush:


Mini Castle Brown!

I sell chests, cabinets, seasonal things and other decor. Don’t just run past, gimme the footfall!!

It’s so cute, you may wanna come along just to soak in all the cuteness :heart_eyes:

Address is D43/4.


War Maiden’s selling forged slingbows, grapples and bombs. With a portal directly to Brown Town War Maiden’s (which has damage bombs also and different stock)

Customer reviews including (but not limited to) “Good” and “Nice”

Find me in and around A27/29

whispers it’s free real estate


Red’s Mini Shop
A wandering trader that sells random goods from the universe in his wagon with the help of his trusty wildstoke companion.

Address, Y30/32

Pic quality not the best, sry


Exo Heaven,
I sell a variety of exo and perm coloured furnishings, as well as raw exo block and gleam.
I’m located on Row Y and X on DK Mall.


Dwemer Mining Surplus, X1/3

I sell whatever I have laying around from my mining adventures. Primarily I sell

  • Rock from Exo worlds (I try to get a full 16 SS of each type of non-perm rock)
  • Gleam from Exo worlds (I try to get a full 8 SS of each type of non-perm gleam)
  • Dark Glass, Petrolim, Resin

Mining Services

Got coin but do not have the time/will to go mining? Want something specific you cannot find in shops? Let me go mining for you. Just DM me so we can work something out.


Oooh can someone please post a pick from my shop… :wink:

Probably would need a very very good PC. As I cannot see it from Tana. :joy::rofl:

@BoundlessBlitz so its your shop…
Lets make a deal…
You keep it filled ill take the coin :kissing_heart:
(Love your shop).


Come and visit Myst Mart. A new store from a new player who is still ‘decorating’ it and trying to learn what to stock that people will like AND that I’m willing to let go of, cause i’m sorta a hoarder :slight_smile: But. I want to be part of the community and hoped a store would start the process!!!

Located at E68/E70 on the corner,. You can’t miss all that purple!


DK Mall has so many great shops, there are several others I’ll enter if their owners don’t… beautiful shops with great stuff and prices. :slight_smile:

Here is mine, not on the level of many others but will throw it in anyways - Exo-llent Plants, as name indicates, some exo plants, but also specializing in raw goods of various sorts at low prices. :smiley:




Thank you @Tmmk if you want I can take screenshots of your shop for you, if you would like. Where are you located at DK?


Hihihi way to far away. Several blicksecs😉

Was joking.

Havent taken the time to set up a shop in any mall.
However thank you for the offer😉


Exology :ringer_planet: on row X, if you go through the X/Y 65 portal at the front of the mall and turn around it’s right there.

I sell mostly Exo plants, but also some other things.


Shop: My shop with my mum,
Location G12 DK Mall.
I am posting on behalf of powerboytiny.

Lets show some love for for this new shop at DK mall, sells a variety of useful items including,
Decorative gem items
Spark generators/links
And much more.
Only a young player so let’s show support and give him lots of footfall. :v:


If you shop at “My shop with my mom” you curry favor with powerman and canadianEh :wink:


Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do you need wares? Of course you do!

Well, today is your lucky day! The Unicorn Consortium at DK Mall (space E 75/77) has those wares. We stock goods from across the known worlds! From the mundane copper ore to the mystic rough oort, even the elusive hopper core! We’re here to fulfill all your space-faring needs in one convenient, not to mention magical, shop!

So stop on by, hitch a ride, don’t miss another fabulous price! :wink:

We are still under construction for expansion, so please pardon the mess and the lack of some items, like our forged tools and weapons. Stock will be out soon!


Lots of great stuff here guys :blush: keep it coming!

Blue Box Store, DKMall G2/4/6
(New G1 portal from Front right outside)

Designed to look like a TARDIS stuck in the ground on the exterior, working at world height so took a dipped approach to show off the exterior detail, and safety rail so you can enjoy the view without accidentally running off

I decided go with Desert Theme decorated inside with a center console, LED’s for the main shop floor, still building expansions floors to this as I only started building it recently, but Main shop floor is open and I will open up other floors as they are ready, but for now I sell variety of forged tools such as:

  • Chisel Changers
  • Latticework and Unchisels
  • Heal and Regen Bombs
  • Grapples
  • Slingbows
  • Forged and Unforged Hammers
  • Starberry Pie and Mega Fast Brews
  • Auto Door Spanners
  • Lootsticks
  • Misc Refined Rock from mining

currently trying to keep forged things in stock as and when I can rattle a good forge batch off, I try not to get defects or quirks (its a pain), unless its a minor defect that can live with

More items, and some Portals, are to come as I open other floors and decide what else I can amass to sell, but for now I think I got a fairly presentable main floor and exterior together and here are my pictures

More Floors, Rooms, Portals, and Stock still to come


I’m going to put @georgegroeg’s store in since he hasn’t already, and it is such a cool and useful shop that it can’t be left out! :wink: Several others I might still add as well.

Giorgio Oortmani - Only the finest wares here! :grin: … Just don’t walk in carrying a wood hammer and munching on raw earthyams, or the Salesoorts are liable to sneer and suggest you patronize my establishment instead. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My shop (Welcome to Heaven) is all themed around Missy from Doctor Who including a rooftop garden and The Vault. I sell mainly hunt items but also some crafted things such as gleam doors glass and other gleam poles etc. My shop is on Row G next door to the Tardis hehe


I finally finished my shop’s roof so sharing now

Some Exo Over the Gleambow, at DK X1, straight ahead when you exit the X1 portal

I’m kind of obsessed with exo plants so I sell a lot of those, all kinds, Star drops, tinted burst, glow caps, etc. I also grab wood and stone at exos and sometimes mould, foliage, sand, goo, tangle, thorns, sponge, and growth.

image image