-▂▃▅▇█▓▒░۩۞۩ CONTRACTS ۩۞۩░▒▓█▇▅▃▂(add your own!)


CONTRACTS ̿’ ̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿’̿ ̿

—>we be adding contracts to this page
—>more contracts will be added weekly
—>if you have a contract quote this line “NEW CONTRACT” please use same form as the others and add a number
—>quote this line “DELETE” and add contract number to delete it from list
—> [[[CLAIMED]]] means contract is CLAIMED but not finished to reactivate unfulfilled contracts quote “REACTIVATE”
—> if ya can dress up the form factor please post a sample i might use it :smile: im still stuck on C64 typing skillz (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
—>if ya got a milion contracts create subpost we link it to a contract here

CONTRACT 1 : The Great library off the universe [[[CLAIMED]]]
The library is a building that gonna collect and give back locations in the universe organized by themes etc
The library and system has been build but the outside plaza
needs to be rebuild i give complete creative freedom to builder and the materials he needs plus his paycheck

CONTRACT 2 : Arte intera plaza(kada1 arte intera)
arte intera on kada1 is our groupbuilder guild HQ
it host the GUILDSANCTUM /minigames/art builds/jumppuzzles/spleefarena?/and soon a massive competition zone :wink:
i need someone to build our welcoming center with cool portal frames to all the transfers around arte intera town it also host our guildcenter
This one has no paycheck just a golden plaque
arte intera can only pay with art :wink:

CONTRACT 3 : Hub Lounge (aqua emb beckon)
we got a sunken part in zone two off the embassy hub
easybuild hottub/couches/minibar/plants
payment:naming the lounge :wink:

CONTRACT 4: HUB lantarns (aqua emb beckon)
send me screenshot off cool lantarns that are very slim our dont block open views
i give ya 4k if i use ya sample

CONTRACT 5: Room on the HUB (aqua emb beckon)
got some spare rooms that need function got any plans our idea’s let me knowz

CONTRACT 6:HUB museum infrastructure (aqua emb beckon)
we got a big building where we stuck in some museums plus it got unused rooms
looking for someone to make the entire museum one cool style

CONTRACT 7:HUB museum rooms (aqua emb beckon)
got cool idea for a museum room let me know our become curator off one off the rooms atm we got poles and beams Doors and event items

CONTRACT:8 Seasonal art (aqua emb beckon)
if you capable off building sculptures get in touch and become next builder
off the hub seasonal art statue
the hole event your name will be displayed for all to see

CONTRACT 9: Roof garden on HUb (aqua emb beckon)
the embassy hub need some greens pm me
and we work out a way to add a garden to the hub

CONTRACT 10: seasonal museum (aqua emb beckon)
we tryd build one but we lack all the pieces and a nice way to display it all
if you accept this contract you get some seasonal stuff for ya self
and a curator sign in the museum

Become the official aquatopian empire atlas supplier and we will make sure all atlas buying int the empire will be lead to your outlets
we accept teams aswell

since most helpers in aquatopia work royalty free i make sure i got some event stuff in stock to hand out


Can ya give me a little more info on these 2 contracts?

Like how many plots are each of the contracts.

Any specific materials of theme you are aiming for?


Edit: you can shoot me a dm on discord if ya like.


Contract 5: would a public spark facility be alright, with service tunnel to connect to, fueled by moi daily, i have so much fuel i was going to set it up somewhere else but since i am the first farmer for beckon i thought why not?


problem with this is player needs to be within 100 block of your spark core, this is a limitation by the maximum numbers of spark link connected togehter.


Love that public stuffdef can look into it you on discord not sure what spark farm is but sounds perfect for hub


I’ll have to double verify but I could have sworn if you place down another generator and put a tiny bit of spark in it the spark from the main ones will still make it to the machines after that generator.


I would also have to check, would be nice to not have a limit so infrastructure could be possible.

If there is a limit what your saying is a single spark generator needs to be in between the limits?


Yea there’s a 100 spark link limit per side on the generators. But I thought if you put another generator down at that 100 and put spark in it, the spark from the main would still travel beyond the first 100 but wouldn’t show in the secondary generator but would show in the machines. Won’t be too hard to test it. I’ll test it in a couple hours when I can get on.


whats wrong with dividing it by 2 our 3 units
if it gets shared amongst different people
can be handy for when someone is stealing
havent tested new locks yet need do that soon so i see all new system we can do :smile:


Also contract 7, i will donate event colours gleam, mold, dand and what not to make a big pretty meteor to represent the event maybe? If someone takes it on.


awesome stuff i also got a load off gleams i check if i can set up a vacant room
just thinking our rooms might be to small for it lol
def gonna check around to make it happen


My 2c for the illuminations


New Contract 11 Added
if anybody got contracts off his own let me know and i add them
use the system i set up :smile:


I checked out the sunken part for contract 3, have an idea for a lounge, i have resources mind if i fool around with that spot tonight? Put some vegetation in also, bit of a cyberpunk style.


need work out permissions gonna check what beacon is the lounge
then i send you to the proper book
probably tomorrow to tired today to log in and do stuffz :smile:
also @XaniMatriX join our discord very easy for me to talk to ya and get ya on the right plots to do these projects :smile: