Cool Builds you Found! Share Pics!

Recently I was walking around…and there are SO many builds by people I have never met or seen in game. People working solo (or in small groups) and making amazing things on planets I rarely go to.

Have you stumbled across an amazing build? Share some pics of cool builds you have found while walking around the universe! Say where they are, I will want to go see them too!


Find this place another evening.


I love just wandering and seeing what all is out there. :smiley: Will definitely be watching this thread, I’m sure I’ll have lots to throw in too! I’ll post a few favorites now, though these are reposts -

  1. River Towns, Arie 2)Sasquatchville, Alder, 3) Kindred Bay, Sorissi 4) Lil’ Asia, Refgar 5) Reapers, Gyosha 6) Reapers, Alder

builds1 builds2 builds3


Whoever created that last pic thing …
Its almost identical what i builded few months ago haha. I ended up regen bombing it


Thanks for the shout out.
That last pic is my Helm’s Deep (Lord of the Rings) build which I was planning on unveiling eventually to the forums I just keep tinkering with it and didn’t think I was quite ready, yet. Take the East road from Autumn Dell on Trior.


Sorry if i reveal it, but it look good :slight_smile:

And i love the bridges.


“Def Helm’s Deep inspired” - me, two minutes ago


I was actually inspired by shape of mountain i builded…
Hehe. But ye that lotr thing works too

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great shop and some cool builds with lots and lots of glass…


ZOMG ! So many cool builds!! Please share more :slight_smile: I can’t wait to get out exploring!!!

The beautiful builds of IllumiNaughty on Trior and the gorgeous Lasaina Cathedral deserve to be in here for sure!! :slight_smile:


Oh, I saw this a few days ago on Malurialakrib and forgot about it until I saw this thread now… Normally I don’t like castle builds that much, but thought this was really very nice and well made. Good location, too.


it’s nice to see pictures of our city on this post, we are working very hard on our new city. For the first time we have the impression of building a real city even if it is still very small and there is still a lot to work. Even if we still have a big store to manage, we want to put more emphasis on our buildings this time. We are not the best builder but we try to do our best.

thank you very much @catfud

I have already seen this construction also in IllumiNaughty and I loved it. Very successful. Wherever I go I see very beautiful construction. I’ll try to take some screenshots too


sometimes when I do not know what to do in the game … I do atlas instead of closing the game 🤷. Today I decided to travel a little on Dzassak and I took some screenshots. I will try to take screenshots of constructions that I like every time I make an atlas

  • Rad Island of Solitude -

  • Underworld -

  • Salmon street - Spandau HQ -

  • Shinlows -

  • Colgata - Hunter’s dream -

Here I found a huge cup that was built in honor of the victory of the Finns who defeated my country, Canada, in the final of the World Hockey Championship (IIHF). Congratulations!

here all the names of the Finnish players who represented their country during the championship

Kaapo Kakko will become a very good player in the National Hockey League by the way. I can not wait to see him play with the New York Rangers


I forgot this one

  • Norwegian Settlement - Shave the Children

  • sorry … another … I finally found it (Dzassak)


Those are awesome, @passeva, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Definitely need a few shots of @Apt’s Pyrrhocoris Estate on Antar VI in here as well, it is an incredible one that everybody should see. :heart_eyes:


no problem @bucfanpaka , I know that it is not big constructions like other images that have seen it here but I like these constructions. Especially the cup … although I would have preferred Canada to win lol

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I should get out more often…