Coolest glitch screenshots

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Yea, I produce these with regen bombing every other day (this is on the gloviathosha ps gleam farm but its not
dependend on location, can get this everywhere)->


Such a pretty glitch haha!


Try jumping into those colors next time. I heard thats where the devs hide :joy:.


I did that when i was chiseling once
I was using a gold chisel and do that cross pattern
Then it turned Into that


I had to return to sanctum
But it was very cool
Like a rainbow glitch in the matrix


For me it is enough to strike the gorund with a tool to make it dissapear.


Pretty, haha! My favorite glitch has been when I’ve been mining, all the sudden finding myself standing out in space. Broke the planet I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

"You have opened a magic
portal into deep space.
You are immediately
sucked through.

The lack of air causes
you to quickly lose

The Grim Reaper quickly
embraces you!"

… If you know the game that comes from, you get 100 :cookie:s :wink:


Quit hacking martok!


Is this occurring when an area in the world has or has not been mined by other people?


This is an old one Dragon-san you know that one. PS4 edge case, happens with chiseling a lot and fast or with mining and regening a lot fast while remaining in a smaller area of lets say 12x12 plots.


Final fantasy?

The cookies better be good.


Nope, but the cookies will be good - me, I like fresh-baked Nestle chocolate chip, extra chips in the recipe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yum.

It is an old graphic adventure, as a hint. :wink: And I took the quote from the NES version.


I am a young soul so i wouldnt know what game that is :joy:


Heres my coolest glitch pic lol it may look like an ordinary portal that is about to actually close even tho it has 0 seconds but this is no ordinary portal.
Good people of Boundless… Behold… The infinite portal :raised_hands: this portal has been active with 0 seconds for about 4 days now and it doesnt show any signs of giving up its last breath


A romantic setting at this beautiful glitch sea at night.
Bring your significant other and enjoy the cycling regen numbers,
while you gaze in awe at the sea of glitch~