Cosmetic blocks

hey everyone,
im not sure if there are plans to add these sorts of things into the game but what does everyone think about things like usable chairs,tables,barrels,plant pots and other cool stuff…i think the addition of furniture would be cool once the game takes off, it seems like it would add a lot of fun rp elements like sitting down around a table with your clan and discussing what the next plan of action will be or adding some storage barrels for you food (rather than just chests cough minecraft) and other cool things like weapon and armor racks for armory’s, maybe the ability to chisel patterns and designs onto placed stone blocks you own. i dont know what do you guys think?

Here are a few other threads talking about furniture type cosmetic blocks. Hopefully we will indeed be able to sit at chairs, place items on tables, store blocks visibly in crates and so on whenever we get these objects.


This is a cool idea.


glad you like the idea different variations of the same blocks that serve the same purpose as each other are what most sandbox games generally forget to add