Counter to lava?

Has anyone found a reliable counter to lava? While mining for gems (ruby, diamond, amethyst, emerald) no matter what hotspot I go to, I constantly encounter lava. I will dig to my desired depth, mine 10 blocks and then I am surrounded by lava. Is there any reliable way to counter this? Or is the only way to play through this part of the game to just give up and either go around or go mine somewhere else?

Unless you’re willing to channel water from a surface source all the way down to your mine (easier on some planets than others), there is no easy counter to lava.

If you dig one block down in front of the lava flow, it flows into that hole and doesn’t follow you. I dig around to the right or left a few blocks and try again. In the case of ruby, I have found a few this way.


If you are patient enough, you can just build through the lava, but that is kind of a waste.

There isn’t a true counter, other than “lol don’t walk into it”. I’ve been hoping for years for placeable water sources via Bucket.

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I figured out that trick of digging one block to stop lava too. At first I would put blocks down, then realized quicker to do that.

My only suggestion to add is try depth 16 if your in a bad lava area. Lava pools often stop at 15 so u can go “over” them and maybe find a better place to dig down. It seems some regions way worst then others so moving regions may be needed.

^this. I usually dig at the lava pool level, do a good area back and forth to map the lava, then go down to mine out the lower lvls in between the lava lakes. Since i already know where all the lava is, it stops being a problem =D

I hate lava. Stupid game feature. You people that build houses in lava are just crazy. Like crazier than real-life rock climbers. (shudder)

And lava lakes??? Where’s the fun in that? No matter where I try to mine to the surface lava starts pouring down. Ugh.

All this lava talk makes me think a forged quirk could somehow work for this if not already in game. We already found an easier swimming quirk this week…

Glas is my solution and it works for me knowing where it goes and Ends.

Lava is good

If only there were some way to cheaply teleport to anywhere on the planet so you didn’t have to do that -_-

There are some tells when mining that you’re about to hit lava. Namely a faint orange glow and if you hit a block next to lava it’ll make a solid wettish sound.

I have max control and gem hammers so it doesn’t help me much anymore, but at least now I’m not breaking a single block and dumping lava on myself.

Also once I’ve broken through lava I decide whether it’s worth breaking the blocks by filling over them like water or changing direction.

@PendragonTheNinja nailed it! The biggest counter no no no don’t touchie the melted rockie.

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