Craft an item coffer


I like the idea of being able to craft a coffer in game, and be able to put items inside to then give to someone or sell.
Perhaps a wood coffer could hold a couple of items and as they increase in mats the item capacity would increase…

We could make noob starter kits to hand out, or create gift coffers for friends. Lotteries and competitions could use the coffers as prizes…
Make up mining coffers with the right brews pies and tools etc.

Dunno, ridiculous idea?


More like a ridiculously good idea!

It would be great to give out little presents. Especially if we could leave them in mailboxes or something similar!


Agreed, love this idea, would be so good to be able to make little care packages for newcomers and all. :slight_smile:


And a gift box coffer near to Christmas!
I want to hand out presents!


I love it. Id probably craft more of those than just about anything else lol


Or for leaving little surprises out in the wild or treasure in a dungeon (another idea)


The idea is fine, but I just hope this will not be presented in the same format that may scream RNG loot boxes.

But a consideration needs to be made for how many items are allowed to be put into this box, as it might be able to be used/abused for storage amplification. to cram even more items in to an single area.


Not sure how it could be rng based, the player crafts the coffer and decides what to put inside.
I would imagine for example a player created wood coffer would have perhaps 2 item slots. Stone 3 or 4. Iron 5 etc

They could be used as storage I guess but once you’ve taken the items out the coffer would disappear. Or perhaps they would not be placeable so they can only appear on shop stands, or be hand traded…


The same way that the Level up boxes are obviously not RNG based, but the 1st thing most new players think of the moment they see it, is RNG loot boxes, and then bad and misleading steam reviews follow shortly after words

People use shop stands for storage, so having them able to be placed on shop stands might mean players can use them to amplify the amount of storage that shop stand has, by filling the box full of items, then filling the shop stand full of the boxes and leaving them there until they want something from one of the boxes, the cost to craft the „coffer“ would have to be high enough for people to not want to use it in this manor.


I think the difference would be that these coffers would be strictly made and distributed by players for players. Most players probably wouldn’t get these unless someone was to make a “new player” welcome coffer and tried to sell It as that.


i would like that coffers to
i would in my case not sell them, i would rather us them as equipment packs for one or other activity such as mining etc.


Love this idea. Could be useful for running competitions, as well.


I’d not thought of that. So make yourself some mining packs up and leave them for when you’re going mining… Or hunting packs. Always prepared! Cool idea


As someone who’s literally in the process of renovating his workshop right now, i wouldve appreciated having some umbris coffer that can contain some ten thousand items at once - like some sort of a chest.


Then they haven’t been presented as rng lot boxes… People have just misconceived them?
As these would be player created and distributed Im not sure I get what your point is


You said it yourself


Im still confused as to how these could be misunderstood as rng loot boxes lol?


>> If << they are presented in the same way the Exchange „Loot boxes“ work, when a player opens them, Then I can see a new player misunderstanding it as an RNG loot box, even thou everybody else here who has played the game for more then a few weeks clearly understands it is not the case at all.


Ah fair enough, not sure how people misunderstand the level coffers but I can understand your point a little better now!


It’s honestly all down to how they are presented. Most people don’t take the time to look at what they are getting and just automatically assume it’s rng based rewards.

This wouldn’t be bad if sooo many other companies hadn’t used similar presentations and animations for their rng boxes.

Also doesn’t help that the coffers in the exchange and the shop are the same asset.
Can be easily misconstrued by those that just quickly look and don’t delve deeper.