Craftable Gleam?

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I just thought about the great buildings with gleam and the fact that the “infinite mode” will be history at some point later in development, so many of such buildings would be really hard to make if the game progresses. So here is an idea about how to get a solution to this circumstance later (when gleam will be a rare block and noone is ready to dig houres and houres for it). …

What if gleam blocks like we have them now would not be “finished” when we dig them out, but a ressource, that can be used on many ways? What if we could craft building blocks of gleam out of the found gleam and something else, like glass for example? Let’s say you need one gleam and four glass blocks to make four gleam blocks to build with them. On this way people can get more out of their found materials and still can build their palaces and temples like we are used to now.

This method would also lead into othere uses for gleam and the blocks don’t need to be more common related to other ores or crystals.

What do you think?

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don’t know about it but i don think depending on what colour of sand we use should make us get a tinted version of glass so gasan has blue it will have a blue tint, and other world has black it would have a black tint

yes tinted glass would also be cool. But I just thought about a mechanic to have enough gleam blocks for building even if gleam becomes more rare later. … For your idea with the sand color it could be done easily with the crafting allready in game. Just let the player chose if to build clear or the tinted version of the glass out of the sand blocks. … I just love the way crafting works in Oort :smiley:

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Yeah i know what you mean cause right now there isnt many players if this blooms (which most likely it will) it will get more players, who want gleam and when things come limited resource it will get bad and people will want stuff

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