Crafting EXP Based on individual pulls from Output?

Since we now can see how much exp we are getting from activities I started to explore why crafting seems to level so slowly.

What i found is that the player gains crafting exp from pulling items from the output of machines not crafting them… makes since… however the player seems to gain 3 exp per “any one thing” pulled from the output…

As in the game treats a smart stack of 500 cloth exactly the same as a single peice of cloth.

The end result is 3 exp for each since apparently the player gains exp based on the number of individual and distinct pulls from the output regardless of the quantity of items in each pull.

However, if you are so inclined, you can pull one piece of cloth out at a time to get 3 exp for each pull! O.o (via the normal “click down and rotate” stack splitting mechanic.)

This certainly explains why my crafting lvled OK early game, but then quickly stalled out once i noticed that bulk and mass crafting was more efficient.

I’m not too concerned about leveling my crafting since lvling mining to 50 has given me plenty of coins/plots for the time. I also imagine that the devs know about this but simply have bigger fish to fry atm and will get to this soon enough =)

All the same i figured i’d share this since i couldn’t find any posts detailing this and to potentially help out anyone that might be trying to lvl crafting.up =)

Also let me know if you all have different results or if I’ve missed something here =)


This is this case, but the progression system right now is temporary.

We want to encourage players to use the “objectives” system as the primary way to earn XP. We’re working on this at the moment and we’re hoping to get this in the game soon, as it will also come with a few more guided tutorials for machines, crafting and other systems in the game.


Thank you for the reply ^^

Objectives system sounds cool… more interesting then just crafting mass amounts of goods. I look forward to it.

Sounds good… In case my intentions were not property conveyed, I was not complaining or tying to be inflammatory… just felt like sharing my findings to help out anyone that might be silly enough to grind their way to lvl 50 crafter lol