Crafting Roadblock: Ancient Tech: Component


It depends on which world you are on. Generally people have been having the most luck digging through either desert or snowy mountains.

There may also be some for sale (via selling plinths) by other players if you are having trouble finding them yourself.


I will try that thanks.


in regards to ‘otherworldly’ that is fine. I meant on the ones that look earthen. Blue sky green grass green trees snowcapped mountains brown dirt etc.

Another thing that came to mind was the layers of rock. Some of the areas of your planets look like they had geological changes over the years. Some look like static.

Id rather see stuff that looked more layered. Gives the planet history, anyone with any basic geology knowledge would understand. If it is all mixed up it looks like it was just dumped there from an explosion. Since we dont have volcanoes and comets yet… a more layered setup for your dirt/rocks would not only make cliffs look better but caves.

Also, caves. Caves are too much. They need to be toned down greatly imo. It shouldnt be possible to get totally lost in every cave. The cave system in boundless looks like bread up close. Too many holes and passages. There should be cave networks, but there should also be areas without. just an opinion.


@Havok40k, I think you have a great idea. However, I believe this will be achieved by a different mechanic and that’s what @james was talking about. Right now, things are tough on the starter worlds for the same reasons you highlighted. But, I think that the communication between new and experienced players will make the difference. I’m not opposed to a prospecting type mechanic, but it’s a lot of work for the devs to go through when the community will just make that mechanic obsolete (in this very specific instance). I feel like a prospecting mechanic should be an end-game type advanced skill or something. Then those players can locate difficult things to find and sell them to others, etc.


I was originally on board with most of the thoughts in this thread, but having played the game longer and found that comps and gold aren’t as scarce on starter planets as i thought, I think the distribution is actually fine at the moment.

There are other things that need to be tweaked like mining rock/ore speed, but i don’t think distribution is one of them.

Even if players are really struggling to find the right biomes for gold/comps, the markets are already selling location markers on all starter planets. So even without a power core or warp ammunition, players are able to get off their planet until they can find all the resources they need to make warp picker ammo.


My answer comes a bit late but I am for both options. The resources should be based on planet type, biomes type but on those planets then based on depth or other metric. For example: Titanium in ice worlds and in a depth between 50-80. So people have to travel to an ice planet and they know that they can dig in a special depth to get some stuff. :slight_smile:


In addition to that, it’s like what happened during the gold rush in the US, as well as finding oil Wells. Those who can afford it pack up and go to claim the area, then the paid workers, and eventually shop keeps. This will pull a lot of players to the planet which will drive the price down, and allow other areas to regenerate more resources.

Suddenly that ore that has been mined out, has been seen en masse on the other planet, creating a loop of resource discovery - > flooding the market - >tapping out nodes - > recently elsewhere.

I like the system!


Found all of mine on the edge of dessert biomes, in mountains, about 95+


Are you talking about the tech components or the tech fragments? Fragments can be found by the truck load.


Tech components are a higher tier tech fragment. They are harder to find.


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I’ve pulled up at least a dozen components from the biome(s) next to my house. So yes. Components.


Damn. Lucky you. I’ve yet to find one. To the desert!


You can use an atlas to find them.


he’s probably found some by now :joy:


Haha I figured as much but other people look at this thread too :rofl:


ah, fair point.
yeah atlases didn’t exist back then :stuck_out_tongue:
They make it a lot easier for sure.


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Guys, if you’re playing on marvoni; ancient tech components and higher tier crafting marerials do not exist there. I was playing last night after trying to find some AT components, and javita himself popped up and gave me the news. Its a bug apparently, and gave me some location tech thing to take me to omegasus V and dor-III-A where they can be found. If youve got a way to get to different planets, thats your key out, but if not; restart and start up on the dangerous world, and you should have more luck.