Crash game after select server

Can you help me? I select server and game crash. :worried:

This could be the same as Crash game after select server where the connection to the servers is failing for some reason.

Is that report from the same location (Estonia if google translate got it correct)?
Would there be any reason for the connection being blocked?

No, I live in Russia.

it’s my post

but maybe this guy has the same problem

We use different connections.
He connects via 4G. I connects via Ethernet.

I tried to disable antivirus and firewall. There are no results. I install VPN connection, use USA and EU proxy server. No results.

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You can’t help me? I should return game to the Steam?

Investigation into these matters can take some time. I would say wait more than 14 hours…it seems there’s going to be an update next week to push out some bug issues so maybe wait until then?

The game is in pre-alpha, so bugs are to be expected. It’s honestly shocking we aren’t seeing more right now. If you can’t deal with that, then playing the game in pre-alpha may not be the path you should take. But if you like the game, I wouldn’t return it to Steam, just wait until release to play.

Yes I should have linked to Crash to desktop when i join to server - #8 by james

If you can send in the crash dump we can confirm its the same issue.

If there is a crash dump *.mdmp file in the same folder as the log can you send it in to

Its not obvious why its failing where it does at the moment. Do you know if your network supports IPv6? A quick google hits this checker that should confirm if it does.

And i sent dump file for your e-mail.

Thanks for the crash dump. I confirmed its the same crash as the other post.

If you try this does it work, ie it says “Boundless game server ping response”,

And what I have to make to play? If you need time to give me the answer, speak how many?

p.s. Sry for my bad English.

That means you can ping the servers so its not something blocking it.

I can’t give you a firm estimate as we need to reproduce why the socket library is failing to connect for you.

how I can help you? Some tests need to be made? I can give you remote access to my PC.

We are updating the network library to see if that fixes the issue. It should stop the crash as they have fixed the specific case you had that was crashing but it only should hit that code path in an error case.

When the release 114 is out next week we will test a version with the updated library and if all is well put a version up on the beta branch you can try.

I update game to 114 release.

Problems not solved, i choose server and game crash.

Maybe problem in graphics? i have GTX 550Ti, this man Crash to desktop when i join to server have GTX 560.
i sent new crash dump to you e-mail.

We have pushed a new Windows version with the network library update to the Beta branch you can test.

In Steam right click on Boundless, choose Properties, click on the Beta tab and select the beta from the drop down list.
Let us know it if helps.

When you finished testing it I suggest going back and setting the Beta to NONE.

Ok, i test beta update. Game not crash. I can’t connect, but i can press “cancel” and choose new server, but game not connect to all server. Not crash, not connect. Good)
New logs

update: i cancel beta test in steam, game crash again. You beta update solved gamecrash, but not solved connect to server

The log shows an error code and we are looking in to why that might occur.

Ok, i know, you can fix it :smiley:

Upd 19.11.2015: Have news?

The error seems to be that it fails to resolve the IP address for the game servers. We are looking as to how that can happen.

Do you play other online games without issue?

I play Dota2, Rust, TitanFall, Tera in Russian server, Blade and Soul(Russian server)

and i play free games in steam. Trove and other.

You have idea how me play?

upd: +Minecraft

upd 22.11: have news?

Excuse me, but I returned the money.
Game is good, but i can’t play(

P.S. I do not write a bad review , because the game is in alpha