Crashing in Sanctum

All of a sudden I have been crashing in the Sanctum. I have provided the log, but it doesn’t seem to shed much light on the issue (it probably will for the devs :joy: ). Any help would be great :smile: @james @vdragon

Edit: my laptop was out of sync with the windows time server, and so was 5 mins ahead. Have fixed that, but didn’t fix my issue. I am restarting and will see it that helps
Edit 2: Argghhh windows update!!
Edit 3: Fixed! - I fixed this by forcing timestampBoost to be 0.5 in config.json. No idea why it messed up, as I never changed that value before, in fact I have no idea what it is!
Edit 4: NOPE! Just crashed again after leaving Sanctum… spoke too soon!

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