CRAZY IDEA : Crops improvements

I agree. I think farming should even have different crops then what can be found in the wild. Wild plants are becoming pointless.

It’s fun to have access to things, but if things are mass produced it kills any type of player economy. Pennying out the item in trade and becoming nothing worth it.

I understand the solo player need to have things, but in a multiplayer economy sense, its destructive.


Hardly anyone farmed plants for yams to begin with though. Anyone who was serious about getting yams used regen farms and pounded dirt. It was way more efficient to do that just like it was to get shimmer orbs.

Surface plants were never the best way to get them either. What we see with the way farming is setup forces the player to do a similar amount of work as they had to before when they farmed via regen.

I think a lot of people have forgotten that already or maybe they didn’t farm yams that way to begin with so never knew how easy it already was. Farming takes more effort than regen farming ever did, imo.


But projecting by viewing people’s farms, they can grow thousands of exotic yams every few hours. At some point minting them will be more profitable then trading them.

Seems kind of silly, that the high tier yam will cost less than the regular yam

This, exactly!
Before the farming update, it was like going for a mining trip.
You took your shovel, a speed potion, and persisting pie, and there you go, 900 exotic yams in 30 minutes.

Now you need to dedicate space in your build, which means getting plots, and not everybody can afford to get ‘a lot’ of plots for that.
Then there’s all the blocks required to have an optimized setup…

and now i can get the same result in about 10mins using a totem which means i am no longer breaking forged AoE items, and the total effort feels to be a hell of alot less

Exotic Yam requires nothing special. I was shocked to see how simple that was to get 100% Seed yield


Yes but once you do …

This is already happening. There was a thread about it recently.


It’s still something you have to commit to.
Something that only serious players will do, in large fields.

True, but one person can sell several thousand exotic yams at 3c each, every 9 hours on a stand and destroy the yam market. They would still be making more than a minter, and keeping others from selling higher

and do you know what kind of players tend to be the most serious? in my experience it is typically people who like to play and abuse the market. So if there are just enough people who wish to do that, it will have an impact at some point in time and drop the prices.

and it doesn’t even need that, but the combined effect of all the players who wish to sell can cause it to happen as well.

The cat is already out of the bag as far as Exotic yams are concerned and that is fine, people can chase that cat if they wish, but I do not wish to see it happen to oortstone

There’s no solution to this, though.

A committed/serious player will abuse the market. If the yield is low, he will make a bigger farm.

Drop the crop/seed yield too much and the entire mechanic becomes worthless and nobody uses it anymore.


Yes I definitely agree with you as far as killing the market goes but it was worse with regen farming. If regen farming had stayed how it was you could do as much damage in a shorter time frame.

Now to do it, we’re using way more plots than regen farming took and many more of us are doing it. I’m sure there have been some plot purchases directly as a result of farming and needing more land mass.

For all we know, they may be getting ready to add more recipes and we’ll wish we didn’t have such a time consuming monotonous way of getting yams like we have in farming. :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes me probably an hour or so to do my farm crops. It’s almost the only thing I ever do besides building lately. I’ve got a love/hate relationship right now. I could get a higher yield before regen farming for my time spent but for some reason I’m happier ‘maintaining’ a farm instead of the regen farm. I don’t know


Yeah, that’s why I think farming needs it’s own crops that are not also found wild. That create their own products.

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If they added uses for the crops, then it would help. But even if they added ten furniture items and a new brew that used yams. The mass producer could just sell at 3c still, just making more money instead due to increased demand, but never really being short of crop. :confused:

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As i said, the stuff that is already in is fine to leave as is, but the new stuff that is added in, should be added in with long term market impact in mind, which may mean no more 100% seed yields on crops that are supposed to have a moderate trade value.

If I remember correctly the devs didn’t want to necessarily do 100% yield but there were certain party of the community that absolutely demanded it almost it felt like.

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3.08c for a cooked yam in a coiled minter. Based on some of the other materials in game, this tells me that someone is likely to look at the 2c for a raw yam in an uncoiled minter and start selling them for 2.5 - 2.8c. Or less.

This site gets more and more useless but here is a look at a hot commodity:

Get yourself a coiled minter, extract these into essence and they generate over 50c each.


Yeah, it’s crazy. I could see persisting pies dropping to 50c or less. Exotics being 3c. And other products dropping so low. I mean, maybe that’s the dev’s plan, just oversaturate the market with everything, so increased coin gen conversations die down.

But to me, it kills the fun of selling things.

Well look at gem prices. They used to sale for 300-500 a piece. Now it’s 35 - 120 for eme/amethyst.

Those pie prices were going to come down eventually due to regen farming (people already complained all the time it was better to sell the yams than make pies because people thought others were selling them at a loss).

All farming did was hasten it by making it something a newb could do if they wanted to play that way and not spend money on aoe tools and bombs to regen farm.

But still let’s be fair here. A person who is doing this has to do it on a large scale and it takes a fair amount of playtime to do this. There is still serious time investment applied here.


True a lot of time investment will be needed.

I guess I’m just odd, selling gems for so cheep makes it unusual in my eyes. Gems in real life are normally expensive. But I dont know what boundless really needs.

Lower prices caters to newbies, so that could be good. But lessens the weight of “end game” mechanics and dedication

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To be clear, if the overall time/plot/equipment costs were not lower for farming than for ‘regen farming’ the prices wouldn’t be flooring to the point that people are minting them.

The two do not scale equivalently.