Create Farmer Permission on a Beacon

I’m sorry if a similar post been mentioned before (in case it has, this post can be removed)

I’m building a rather big farm which eventually would/can be shared amongst friends (or maybe guildies if the beacon is guild controlled)

I would like to give the permission which would allow them to plant and harvest organic or inorganic crops.

I have tried these 2 types of permissions, but neither can allow other people with the 2 permission to plant and harvest crops

Please consider this request :bowing_man:


You have no clue how much I need this in my life. I have so many crops I could share with people but I would need to give them permissions which I’m just not willing to take a chance and give them.


I think you need the first one. Which would also allow them to grab all your blocks.

We do need a farming permission. That would be really great


I need the type of permission which would allow others to plant and harvest crops, but not changing/removing blocks so you can share the place without allowing others to steal/destroy the place.

I have an idea of putting walls and locks to separate the space, so 2 (or more) friends can use the farm but doesn’t allow them to steal crops from one another

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Yes that would be very helpful!

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you’ll need permissions for changing blocks since harvesting crops can remove tilled soil at random times, meaning that the soil will have be re-tilled again

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If you ever want to share some farming stuff I’m happy to harvest and replant :smirk:

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You are right. We’d need this as well. Good point. I missed that

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Perhaps soil tilling could be changed from a builder mechanic to a farmer mechanic in-terms of permissions.


Please, And yes!

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Yeah, this’d be awesome. This way i could give people access to a boatload of rare gleam to mutate on, without having to fear any (accidental or not) damage or gleam destruction.


Hey @james we need this.

Indeed, that would be an awesome change!

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Take ya time :crazy_face:

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