Creative flying feels like I'm dragging a half dead whale

The acceleration is so slow. And nonsensical - if you accelerate forward to top speed the suddenly going up/down is super responsive, using the same acceleration value.

Plus it has the same toggle creep issue as swimming.

To top it off after doing it for a few minutes, the acceleration is starting to make me motion sick.

I guess I’m not going to be going to (m)any creative worlds.

noone said you should be flying its just an option :stuck_out_tongue:

But is the whale ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I noticed it’s a li’l slow. Sovereign for me anyway. I like the idea of creative, but only to visit :slight_smile:

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I fell for the toggle creep thing. Landed in lava and it took me almost 5 minutes to figure out why I couldn’t swim back to the surface. I was almost about to submit a bug report until I remembered lmao.

Oh and, thank the gods for no death on creative worlds lol. Swimming in lava is soothing.


Instantly reminded me of this guy from Young Justice :

They let us fly… Now flying is too slow… Oh god… Does anything get a Green pass with you People lol.



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Flying is fine.


Here I am just happy at the fact we can at least fly in creative and I’ll never fall from a grapple hang again because i misclicked…and some people wanting to go get on their light speeder and blitz the skies like rudolph.

The flying speed is not too slow.

It does, however, have an extremely slow acceleration that gives me motion sickness.

No other movement option in the game has this bizarre slow acceleration.

It makes slight movements a mental pain to execute.

tbh I’m with Spoodle - I’m not currently planning to go to creative worlds anyway so it’s not that big a deal to me.

But since the way they implemented flying makes me physically ill I figured I’d let the devs know, since it might be happening to someone else who may not feel like complaining.

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