Creative Mode on multiple PC's

I have planets I created in creative mode on one PC. If I want to play using the same planets on another PC, which files would I need to copy? Would it be everything in the Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\server\creativeworlds folder?

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Everything in that one and Boundless/discovery should do it I think

Well I had not copied the discovery directory before I saw @willcrutchley 's response. Just copying the Creativeworlds folder did not appear to work correctly. I will have to try again next week when I am back where I can get access to the other computer. Until then I guess I cannot work on my creative mode build.

It wanted me to restart my character and would not even load 3 of the created planets.

I finally got the chance to test this and I was able to duplicate my creative worlds if I copied both the Creativeworlds and discovery directories with all their files onto a second pc. Thanks for the suggestion.

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