Creature Devlog Special: 4. Hopper

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That is another typical response. Not saying your opinion on the matter isn’t valid, because it is, fully, but now you’re using reductive logic. The amount of resources consumed in the deployment of a simple prop are minimal at best. I, personally, have created more assets in a single sitting that had functional purpose and direction. It does not take long, even with a minimal amount of talent.

The difference here is that the people that have been hired on to this company have tremendous talent and potential. This isn’t a logistics issue, and if it is; if this is some matter of bureaucracy that is halting the development process or preventing the deployment of assets, then there are bigger problems here. As it stands, I have invested a great deal of time in this game, as a player, and I would like to see that my investment has some merit.

The next excuse here is that “it’s just a game”.

Well, that’s false, based on your own logic. This is a business and represents the livelihood of the creators that are behind it. It is not something that they can simply walk away from. However, there are things that stall, delay, and otherwise draw attention away from content creation.

Sure, there could be server problems or things that require bug fixes, but not every member of their development team tackles those issues. Proper management would allot some work hours to the sole pursuit of fixing those issues. Other specialists would be responsible for other projects and issues of their own. So, even if there are things that they need to focus on, the business itself is akin to a hydra, and if one head is indisposed, the rest should still be fighting fit.

For what you’re saying to be true, it would require that all their staff to divert their attention to some bug fix or something else because resources demand it. They would have to be laying off the people who couldn’t accommodate this. Sending people who prove incapable of any technical knowledge on furlough or something else. Because their are a finite number of resources.

A better excuse, and yes, it is still an excuse, is that they are focusing on the core game itself, and creating frameworks to enable massive content dumps. However, that also means that the content is still developing or developed, and now, it seems to be all about giving or not giving content.


I think I might have used a term not as planned. I meant to say give it now, give it later or never do(cuz it no longer acomodate to the vision they have of the game)

I don’t work in any gaming related field to even begin to understand how long or short some things take to make, but my only idea is that while props might take short amounts of time to make, they might be pushing it down the chain to focus on more time intensive tasks that are considered in their minds more of a priority, or who knows, models might be done, but there’s a lot of things to be done before they can be included in game.

I think everyone can agree that they would like to see more content in game, some just prefer the focus to be on something else atm.

Edit: I think I’ve done my fair share of off topic and if we want to continue this conversation it’s better done on a new thread.


Don’t worry Bruv. They are working hard right now.


Woo-hoo! What a ride! This is great!


I’m still here, but I LIVE for this game’s community. If the devs move too slowly or make decisions that drastically lower the playerbase… That’s what will drive me away


Another thing with development of things like props, is that they also need to create the icon that shows up in the UI, they need to assign the colours, they need to create the model, they need to add the texture, they need to make it so that players and creatures don’t go right through them, they need to create the recipe. Creatures, require new AI, Unique sounds and animations.

There is a lot more things to making props and creatures then just making a model and texture and putting it in the game and while it would be nice to have furniture, like Bookcases and Beds, the Devs need to prioritise stuff like bug fixes, code optimisation and actual features.

It would be nice if we had stuff like furniture and more creatures, but it takes time and effort to implement it, when they could be focusing on bug fixing, etc.


Honestly, lowering the playerbase a little wouldn’t be a bad thing. Since 1.0 launch there have been quite a few extremely distasteful types roaming around.


You are making this forum totally useless. Amount of off topic posts is staggering. Making every topic end with moaning and calling out developers is not helping neither game neither community. I’m disgusted with your lack of any decency, this goes for all who are so passionate about getting their opinion about development written hundredth time on yet another topic that is not related. So sad.