Creature Ideas

Let’s start posting creature ideas here,
Anything we think should exist in Oort.
I have my own version of this in my guild forum at

Try to include some pictures if possible.


There are a couple other threads for this, see if we can use those, or if you want to keep this one separate. :smile:

More community drawings are definitely needed though. :thumbsup:

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Great idea! Love this thread already. I’ll try and come up with drawings. Please be respectful, since mostly they are not as polished or presentable as art of the professionals. : )

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I once had the idea for a furball-creature with 5 legs. Posted some early drawings somewhere here into the community. It was supposed to have a tippely tappely paw movement. And gosh - it’s pretty darn difficult to visualize 5 paws rubbing over the floor :slight_smile:

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No nosed, no eared, pure heat sensing beast. This creature is shaped like a small rabbit to trick people to thing it’s cute and when little kids chase it, it bites them and injects a very dangerous venom. The kids will pull away, that’s what triggers the vemon’s holes to open. That tiny bit on even the skin can kill in minutes. The Anakathra will chase the kid until it dies then drag the corpse to the nest, where they devour the whole thing.
How good is this idea?