Creatures respawning on a plotted area?

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I’ve been organizing land for the city (building streets and such) and noticed that sometimes creatures spawn around or near me, although everything around is plotted. There may be some caves underground or tree tops that are not plotted but that’s it.

This one here respawned right in front of my eyes in that exact spot.

The number of times I have to ‘tidy’ away creatures from the (glass) roof of Grump Store. They make it look very untidy!

I think it’s something to do with the proximity of land which might be plotted, but not yet built on or something similar. I don’t know precisely what governs this though.

Is the bit of ground he’s standing on plotted or is it touching the plot edge where it dips?

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@Heilos you’re right, the block down there is the top one of the plot below.