Crowd Control in Boundless

Since the devs are probably(hopefully) busy fleshing out the concept of the combat system (next to the beacon and wearable concepts :smile:) I´d like to ask if they are willing to share their plans on CC in B< and maybe discuss what kind of CC people would like to see.

Personally I think that Wildstar has the best CC concept I´ve seen so far (for both, PvE & PvP)


yes, wildstar was king in matters of cc … I hope for a difference between CCs used on creatures and using the same on Players (but don’t make them ineffective. CCs are a real important feature to make Combat interesting and tactical. Without a combat realy gets boring (like in a worse FPS).

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Holy ■■■■ I never new the combat in Wildstar was that good. CC like that looks reeeeeally good^^


yeah combat and feeling of control was great, but WoW-Like dump quests and texts (with no voice over) and two small daily-questing area at the end without any endgame content next to dungeons, raids and pvp made the game dull very quick :confused:

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I tried to play wildstar in the beta and such. Which was fun. then I found out that it wasn’t just a one payment game… I didn’t want to pay as much as wow for the game.

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Still CC is really good .

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Definitely. As it says in the video I posted: “CC is a fundamental part of MMO gameplay… …expanding player choice beyond just damage and healing.”
I also think that the lack of CC is what makes the combat in other voxel games (Minecraft, Trove etc.) so dull.

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It just went F2P in case you are interested.

I’m not sure how complicated it is to work out a fluent gameplay as in a modern or not so modern jump and run. Cc as shown in the Wildstar video seems to be attached to making the single player mode more action oriented.

I might misinterpret the term cc because from my point of view it suggests the image of a mmo role/class system, in which the gameplay mainly consists of working together, each with its distributed char-class roles. Basically - tank, healer, dmg. dealer.

As shown in the wildstar video it is an inventive way to make mmo gameplay dynamic.

The only gameplay idea (and out of topic) I have is, to add further movement to the grapple when u have docked on a wall: press mouse button and bounce off a vertical rock formation.

Cc in relation to Boundless could be, to be able to craft belt chips of the same type and give it to your mates to add a group bonus or a trait or special ability.

Maybe also a belt chip which could make u jump twice as high?

CC means crowd control. In other words, ways to stop opponents. Examples could be: freeze your opponents feet to the floor or disarm him so he can’t attack for a while.

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Thank you
I may be interested… Unless there is a bad reason why it is F2P

I think it was because subscription based games aren’t viable anymore. But I don’t know why they didn’t just make it a one time payment.

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OK, that take on CC is seriously good stuff. I particularly like the disorient effect and tether. Relevant follow up question: How do we take these inspirations and make them Boundless?

Tether could be with something like a double grappling hook. Shot at the enemy and shot at the ground and he’s tetherd until he breaks free.


would be cool to use a grapling hook to pull enemies to you or vice versa ^^

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This was nixed long ago in the original forums by the devs. Afraid I can’t provide a link to that, but my dream of role playing Scorpion died that day.

I can’t remember that. Maybe they changed their minds^^

I´m sure that there are many players with a lot of good potential ideas. It is just hard to make any suggestions atm because we don´t know anything about the future combat system. That´s why i poked the devs to give us a small hint on what they are planing :wink:


At least we should have slowdown, knockdown and bleeding … knockdown would be especially reasonable with the moving force of exposions in mind :wink:

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Definitely (although bleeding is certainly no CC :wink: ) but what I meant to say is that we don´t know how we will perform CC abilities / abilities in general or even if there are going to be abilities. That´s why a asked for a small combat-concept-leak :smile:

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