Cryptic's Shop Stand (in Aquatopia)

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I’ve restocked my gems and in my shop stand in Aquatopia. They’re priced at 200c.

Tons of Copper Ore as well at reasonable price. Gem and Ore Request Basket set at reasonable prices.

I’ve got a little bit of Meta stone and some Refined Ign as well. Even some cooked food.

Hit me up on the Boundless Discord if you want to contact me directly about any trades or if you want to group up and do some hunting together. Entity#2827

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Made a price change. Rough Sapphire and Topaz are 125c and Rough Amethyst is 95c.

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Wow very nice price.

Well I want to make a little something off them and don’t plan on using them. So might as well sell em at a good price so someone else can get some use out of em. :slight_smile:

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Did a really nice overhaul of the appearance of the shop stand.

Here’s a new look of the shop stand. It’s got an update of different items being sold and request baskets too.

Hide 3c
Bark 35c
Fibrous Leaf 35c
Shimmering Orbs 235c

Refined Rocks 6c
Flint 1c
Rock Salt 1c
Iron Bombs 200c (if you want to bulk buy me out from what I have in my storage at my place, then let me know and I’ll lower the price further)

Basically I am trying to get the shop ready for having a level below it and to redesign some sort of path to an extended shopping area of mine. I’ve been putting more time and effort into the game because I want to get as ready for future content updates as possible. The Forge really excites me so I want to prepare for it now. Which is why I am buying the items that I am buying now.

Anyways, come by and check it out and thanks for stopping by! :smiley:


loving the shop overhauls keep it up guys :smile:

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Hey! That’s my little Shop photo-bombing next door! :stuck_out_tongue: So, you’re going ‘bigger’ are you? Hmmm . . . :thinking:

@Attica @Stormsoul posted something about your shop being bugged

Anyone know who “QueenAttica” is? her stall in Aquatopia has a shop stand (brews) with the interaction bug (“Interactions not allowed. You do not have permissions within this beacon”… ) Probably a lock placed too close or something but wanted to give them the heads up.

join our discord so we can contact you easyer :grin:

oh and love the shop i got some augments from you :slight_smile:

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Me! S/he is my main so I thought I’d give her a regal (slightly arrogant I know) name! Yes, I think I plopped down a lock somewhere so no one would get trapped in my underground storage area. Will log on and remove - we can’t have a blockage toward free commerce!
Off Topic: So Omni2 is moving to Aquatopia? (knees quivering!) :crazy_face:


Attica, yeah. I want to have a shop to bring in a little coin so I am not so restricted to do what I want to do in the future.

I doubt I’ll be selling food though if that’s a concern of yours.

Concerned? Meh! Lol. I’m just a solo player that sometimes has extra stock and I thought I’d specialize in what I’d find the most useful - Food and Augments! Hello Neighbour!! :grin:

Your purple bread I have looked at many times. I might buy you out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Persisting Bread is gooooood stuff! :star_struck:

Updated request basket prices.

Fibrous Leaf 45c
Shimmering Orb 300c
Hide 4c
Bark 35c

Prices either are on par with most other shops or a little above depending on how much demand I have for them. As for shop stands, I’ve lowered the Iron Bombs down to 175c from 200c. I honestly just want to get rid of them and recoop at least some of my cost involved with them since it was between 230c to 255c because of the Volatile Blood.

If anyone is looking for full smart stacks of Iron Bombs, just ask. I have a lot more that I am trying to clean out from my storage in my desert project for more useful things. Just let me know.

Thanks for stopping by! :smiley:

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I’ve never come by this store where in Aquatopi is it?

Can’t miss it. It’s made out of Machined Iron blocks that I’ve chiseled. There is also a sign on all 4 sides. Lanterns are built into it to help light the little shop up.

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It’s in the shopping market area of Aquatopia.

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Request Basket price change on Hide.
6c up from 4c. Increasing budget to 12,000c from 6,000c.

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Now buying Clay at 5c with a budget of 50,000c. Check out my shop in Aquatopia!

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Alright some quick price changes.

Rough Diamond now 210c down from 250c
Refined Rocks now 4c down from 6c
Iron Bombs now 125c down from 175c

Price chances are to help clear storage space from my warehouse so I can work on expanding the shop stand location in Aquatopia. I’ll cover the details later once I am done with initial design choices.

Thanks for stopping by to everyone who has been! :smiley: