Crystal gardenia remodel

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So I decided to remodel and downsize Crystal Gardenia! It was just too much to keep restocked. I wanted to put a new advertisement out there for the store as it is drastically different now!

The whole store has been changed, it is a lot cleaner looking and easier to navigate <3

I still stock snacks and brews for the weary, as well as some more random and higher tier building blocks. There is an exo section where I stock plants, marble made with exo blocks (F in the chat for all that changer chiseling), as well as other exo items <3

I also have a section of forged tools, all sorts:

If any of this interests you, or you would like to just come take a look see at the rebuild! You can find Crystal Gardenia in Naughty Mall, Trior. specifically in the Yellow section, cant remember the number but I did capture it in one of the photos! Happy Boundlessing everybody <3



Will pop by when I get online, see what forged gear I want :nerd_face:

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Love the green and purple. Big fan.

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