Cubits and receip reward issue

Hi there,
I purchased the PS4 deluxe version. SAdly there is no cubits, no weapon receip.

Did you open up a wooden coffer, and have you found the weapon recipe?

Hi Starsailor,

The cubits are automatically added to your account, rather than opening a coffer for them - you should have 500 when you look in the Exchange. The Golden Fist recipe is unlocked by levelling up your skill in weapon crafting, it’s not readily available from the get go as it’s made from Gold.


You need to level up your crafting abilities to see the recipe for the gold fist.

You might want to check the dates of threads :wink:

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I was tired just roaming around, wasn’t you after I posted I realized how old this thread was and confused as to why it wasn’t closed. XP