Where are our cubits? I thought we would get some when we redeemed all those levels. I’m not buying them pre 1.0, because of the sheer waste of money. I want to see some character customization.

In jiivita’s video when he redeemed his xp crates, the cubits were awarded, so the system was working. Unless he was on test…

Firs jiivita got some from lvling up
You can only get them from lvling after the update
And you can’t buy them yet.

You’ve already been awarded plots for your cubits up until now. If you want more cubits, you will need to get a few 50+ levels.

A new character customisation system is apparently coming, so there’s noting really much to customise as far as I know.

Also, you wont be able to buy them pre 1.0 anyway, as they’re not active yet.


It appeard it may have been in the game from the exchange, because when I click it, it totally comes up and says I need more cubits.

Also since we had our skills reset and the new system is here now live, it’s easy to concieve that any un-used plots would be cubits. Regardless if I hit 50 a few times or just once, un-used plots is unused plots. That is the game mechanic now. It was said that we have a choice now with this system to choose to spend our cubits on plots or other things. I thought was in this update because the skills are reset to it and stuff.

The plot you had before update used or unused is the amount of plots you start with after update you get no choice. so starting now you get cubits when you lvl and you can choose what you want to do with them.

The difference would be that they would have had to interrogate all the player data, one by one, so they could determine how many cubits that would be, plus any plot bonuses… whilst factoring in if you then had any surplus plots because you’d used 1 of the 2 that you can buy (plus again whatever plot bonus you had).

No, for the above issue of needing to interrogate all that player data, when time if of the essence, it’s by far the easier route to keep things as they were and just say “you earn cubits for every level you get from now on”.


Its a ton of extra work for them to do that, and they have plenty of work to do!

Besides: All of our characters are getting wiped off the face of the multiverse and we’ll be starting fresh, so this issue is moot anyways in a few weeks tops


i sware i got some cubits for specific feats as well? If not… we should do (specefic feats only… maybe at feat milestones?)

Thank you guys for the clarifications. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Now the question is answered and understood for everyone else that may have thought it to.