Curious about how many people live on T6 planets

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Just curious about how many people moved their base of operations to one of the new tier 6 planets. Me and my group moved into Malurialakrib and only left behind the shells of our homes and our shop Unimart on Storis II. I know there isnt too many people on at one time but i always notice there are usually only a handful of people on the new planets when im on. I definitely think the T6 planets are interesting but how many people are turned off to them because of the difficulty living there?

Living on T6 worlds <3

T6 is lonely to build on unless you go with friends. Also bringing alts there requires skill points in protection you dont need on a T1 or T2. On top of the fact that I already have a decent sized workshop/storage area in my main build, its easier to just travel to t6 to farm and go home to my T1 when im done.

Updates to the chat system may help with this though so we shall see. Although unless there is a change to warp or portal cost between a T1 and T6 there’s no reason for me to build there atm.


I have recently been moving all my primary crafting and storage to Houchus I. Multiple reasons why:

  • I want to work on a town project that involves a useful location. (It is at the end of a portal network, and it’s a gem-rich world)

  • Gem density is quite high in Houchus I, so I don’t feel like it’s a struggle to get new gem tools for myself.

  • When I go for gems here I can pick the odd glow mushroom while out and about, which is “OK” for me to find some shimmering orbs for tool crafting and some glow lamella for decoration crafting.

  • The sedimentary rock here is particularly to my liking and contrasts very well with other of my favourite stone tints, such as Dark Cobalt and Dark Orange and Night Orange. The pure white gleam on the world is nice, but not my favourite.

  • Finally, I really like building in very mountainous areas, which Houchus is perfect for.

I have been feeling a bit too isolated from my friends in-game as a result of moving here but I am hoping that with the guild and messaging update, it’ll become much easier to deal with that caveat.


I’ve wanted to but the skillpoints into higher tier worlds is such a turn off, I get why for many reasons but T3 has enough to keep my comfortably busy


This was a bit of a turnoff for me too but because I only seem to use my main I ended up deciding it wasn’t a big deal, having the extra skill page to deal with crafting.

I did want to do what I’m doing on a T3 originally, and was going to do it on Xa Frant then, but ended up really liking Houchus and ended up finding the convenience of gems too good to pass on. The mobs are annoying sometimes, but it just becomes a part of life to have the death penalty; I offset it with stone crafting from the gem mining.

Edit: And though I am building and living solo on Houchus, it wouldn’t really be enjoyable to travel back and forth without a portal network set up by someone else (namely the New Leyden network). I could never afford to maintain a network with so much distance on my own, and I don’t entirely like to be reliant on someone else’s work, even if I contribute to it.


I’ve just accepted Death Penalty is a way of life in general :joy: if I’m not drowning while building under water I will die just jumping around the inside of my base!

I just hit level 50 last weekend going for my second skill sheet now, I’m sure eventually I’ll deal with T6 but right I dont feel ready [yet] but eventually I’ll either build myself or link to someone who has lol


Yea I have I place I am working on in Malu. I actually really like T6 planets, and Malu is one of my favorites :grin:


Living on Malaria just feels different especially going from Storis and i like it because of that. We live in like a bowl so it kinda feels protected but its not a very deep bowl so things still get in and get steaming mad at you while youre in your home and it was annoying at first but then i had the idea to build a death balcony above my house cause my home is built into a small cliff so they just sit on top of it so my death balcony will be to kill those critters off whenever they come. Easy xp


Malaria? You should probably get that checked out.


Oh sorry typo i meant living with Malaria lol jk thats just what I call Malurialakrib


I’m happy at T4.

Nice people around me helps my happiness too.


A beacon air purifier would be nice, so we could bring alts here and such. Biggest reason I stuck to t3 to live on.


While I like Beckon because it is easy to be on without any real issues, I don’t really like the planet layout with all the canals. I have another small spot in Pheminorum that I am about to abandon also. I kind of like Alnitans (T5) so I am thinking about moving there. I have all the protections maxed so no problem there. The only issue is my Alt that I have maxed for forging and has no protections. Might take awhile to have the Alt move. I like the fact there are less people on the world. I was running around on Finita and there are people living ALL OVER that place. I get that it is a Hub planet. Might move my Alt to there for the time being.


That would be amazing!

It can act like a power coil but eith the beacon must be a space between and connects yo beacon. Must be repairs every so often (higher tier worlds were it down faster)


I built a little outpost on houchus cuz I go there so often for silver and gold, like a 10 plot build. It’s just enough to have a place to relax when I’m “roughing it” but I would never move there cuz it’s so isolating


I love playing tourist on lv5/6 worlds! The worlds themselves have exciting terrain, and seeing how people build with the environment is awesome.

I still have my Storis II base and will probably continue to build it at a later time, but my main base of operation is on Cardass. My alts all had to pick up environmental protection. Literally the only reasoning I had here was that Cardass pretty…Cardass cool…uuhhooghh…
It actually was a pretty bad idea tbh. I have a poor connection to EU servers and the design idea I had of course doesn’t work because unenclosed builds are inherently unsafe on lv3+ planets unless you have zero unbeaconed ground within spawning radius. NEVERTHELESS I am happy with how things turned out and the challenge is fun!

I’m trying hard to enclose my build in a way that protects it from the mobs, but it’s pretty dingledang hard, I must admit. I’m getting there. In the meantime, as NerArth and Crucible said…death penalty has just become a way of life. :joy:


We need some oortian technology! Sonic fences that emit a radius like light sources but it repels baddies instead. Protect your perimeter with them


I wanted to move to houchu (that’s the new usw t6 right?), but the husbando didn’t want to feel like he was going to die after putting a toe outside and live in constant death penalty, so we went to Circa instead.

I still would have wanted to go to a higher planet, but t4 is kind of middle zone. Nice enough to relax, but not too much.
Start sipping the metaphorical lemonade when we hear a really deep “whaaat?!” Then I get to yell “honey, your friend’s at the door. Should I let him in?”

Long standing inside joke. :grin:


Oh the deep voice Cuttlefriends? I mock them and say wok in a deep voice


Yup. I don’t want to spend points on hazard protection for my crafters.