Curious -- would you rather buy the made mats or the separate ones?


Reading posts and reading of how some struggle (like me) to get the items to make the mats for whatever you are making has me wondering which would many prefer.

Since I have started forging I will pick this one (it can go with cooking, brewing and other), would you rather go and hunt for the different mats needed, the orbs, fragments, gland, beans, trophies and more or buy them from someone who has done the gathering?

Which leads to the next curiosity, which would be better, to buy the containers of premade mats, the gums, boons, pastes, solvents, catalyst and resins or make your own?

I’m finding it a lot of work to go and gather all the mats I need to make all these items, then have to make them to use, so was wondering how do others see it, go and gather, or buy from those who have gathered? Make them or buy them already made?


I would say it really depends. Think of efficiency. If you can (example) mine 100k worth of mats in an hour and sell it instantly for cash but only gather 50k worth of forging stuff in the same time, I would definitely mine. Also really depends on market prices etc.


Anything that Needs excess running around a.i. Hunting for blood, i rather buy.
As apassionate miner, this Comes naturally for me. But to much running around is not time efficient.
But i rather not buy the finished product, as useal the Price has skyrocket, at least with 90% of what i have seen.


It really depends on the mat and on how fast i need want the mat for production of what ever I’m building or cooking.

Plus how much it would set me back coin wise. But I tend to buy raw mats or the finished product compared to intermediate steps. I do a bit of cooking/brews, so I will buy shimmering orbs, sweet beans etc. But not fortified butter or fortified milk, cause the upmark on those compared to the base mats is not worth it in my eyes.

I don’t do forging so I just buy the final forged tool that I need/want.


For me its seperate mats.

I make a good chunk of my money from buying raw materials, crafting them into products, then selling these for a markup.


I used to buy marble but the places I used to buy them from have decided to raise their prices cause it seems they were buying fossils and supposedly the fossil prices went up. Tho I wouldn’t know since I’ve only sold fossils and haven’t raised my prices :sweat_smile:


I was thinking at some point of offering building material to sell, but the amount of colors doable is kinda not making that feasible in my eyes (and i don’t like to work on order basis)


As all already know, I prefer to sell the finished Forge materials. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Depending on how many steps mass crafting decreases the price per unit so you should end up paying less for finished mats rather than raw.


Time, convenience, and spark all cost money.


I love to gather everything except beans which I need too GD many of and feathers which are just too stupid rare.

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I tend to focus on Forging, and much rather just get to the forging then having to worry about the mats themselves. I’m all about buying the forge ingredients so I can forge stuff for individuals.


I don’t mind gathering most stuff myself…even feathers (they really should drop better) but I HATE to gather beans. If I were rich I would always buy them.